Transition your summer wardrobe into winter wear

In summer or solely in winter it is pretty clear what you need to wear, it is that interchanging period that causes much confusion. When the weather is warm one day, and cool the other, it can be rather challenging to pick out the right clothes. Every girl who strives to follow fashion trends tends to get baffled about what to wear during that transition period. However, there is no need to dwell much about it, here is a complete guide that will navigate you on how to choose the right summer-to-winter apparel and look exquisite.

Summer with a winter twist

As you leave scorching hot days behind doesn't mean that you have to immediately throw out those lovely floral summer dresses. One rather nifty hack that will ease up the transition to winter wear is to wear your favorite summer dress, add a cute woven sweater on top and match it with leather ankle boots. White color is also mainly connected to hot weather, however, you can wear white jeans with a comfortable ocher cashmere jumper and fancy booties. In the end, why not wear your cherished summer dress over a long-sleeved buttoned-up top. With a good pair of black leather ankle boots, you will look like chic winter 90's Hollywood star.

Rock stunning jewelry pieces at any time

Meticulously chosen accessories can either make or break the look. When it comes to choosing the right accessories for the summer-to-winter transition, you need to stick with the matching materials that go with any outfit. Golden rings, majestic hoops, gold pleated stainless still cuffs or rose gold and topaz earring never go out of fashion and those are jewelry items that you can always wear no matter the season. For instance, on Moon Magic site you will find extravagant jewelry pieces that match any apparel, so if you wish to be unique go for timeless classic jewelry items.

Spice up the patterns

Flowers and light colors are popular during the summer. As the cold days approach, you won't feel as jolly as in summer, but you can't still wear light-colored floral patterns over winter apparel. Match pink floral summer dress with chunky rubber boots, black tights, and a black leather jacket. Who says that a furry blazer, checked or Fair Island patterned sweater can't look fun with a bright colored shirt underneath? Play with patterns to match the light summer colors with timid winter ones.

Embrace denim in various forms

First, you can keep wearing summer blouses with winter outfit at all times. You only need to get the plain-colored long-sleeved button-up shirt and wear it under your summer blouse. Top that looks with a pair of fancy denim jeans underneath it all. Denim works well with anything. When you desire to transit smoothly from summer wardrobe into winter wear, consider wearing black opaque leggings over denim shorts, pair it with oxford shoes and cool khaki coat.

Opt for ravishing handbags

Making the transition between seasons is not an easy task. But one thing that you can always pull off is the bags. Signature pieces like a crossbody handbag blend perfectly with any color scheme. Winter colors like dark red, gray, navy or brown mix elegantly with summer-like bag colors like yellow, pastel pink or even white. Crossbody handbags are an ideal day-to-night accessory at any given time of the year.

A complimentary blazer

Whether you want to wear a stripped ocher maxi skirt in or long red summer dress during the transition period, wearing a sophisticated blazer will undoubtedly make you look like a million dollars. Blazers are a fantastic choice for the period between summer and fall. By wearing a beautifully tailored bright-colored blazer over eternally elegant jeans, you can combine your summer-to-winter look throughout all seasons.

These are just some of the useful and stylish ways to transit your summer wardrobe into winter wear. With innumerable other choices, you will surely find your best look by following the above-mentioned pieces of advice.