Travel restrictions to the US from Canada

COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in the shutdowns of nations all over the world due to its contagious nature. The government as well as the WHO has suggested to maintain physical distance along with other measures in order to avoid the spread of the virus. Due to the same reason, a number of countries have imposed restrictions related to travelling in order to avoid the continuing of the outbreak. Similar is the case of the US travel restrictions for avoiding the pandemic. Therefore, if you are currently in Canada and are willing to travel to the United States, you must take into consideration the restrictions of the US associated with travelling from Canada. Hence, this article provides you with all the relevant information about these restrictions.

Travelling from Canada to the US

Canada, Mexico, and the United States have worked together for limiting the spread of the pandemic. The restrictions provided by them have resulted in an effect on several travellers, who cross the borders for essential as well as non-essential services. Therefore, the crossings of the borders were cut by more than half, that is, about 50% of the actual crossings took place. Thus, the limitations provided tend to restrict the traffic by water as well as land only to travellers who are travelling for essential purposes.

Who are Essential Travellers?

Based on the travel restrictions provided on 24 March 2020, the following are the essential travellers.

  • Citizens involved in operations or travels related to the military.
  • Citizens involved in diplomatic travels or official travels related to the government.
  • Individuals indulged in trade associated with cross-border that is lawful. This includes the truck drivers that support the cargo movement between Mexico, Canada and the United States.
  • People travelling for the purposes of public health or emergency response. This includes emergency responders and government officials who enter the US for supporting territorial, tribal, local, state and federal efforts of the government for responding to the emergencies along with those associated with the virus.
  • People travelling for working in the US including the ones involved in the industry of agriculture are required to travel between Mexico or Canada and the US for the operations of such works.
  • Individuals crossing the border for attending institutions associated with education.
  • People travelling for the purposes associated with medication. This can include the ones who are seeking medical treatment in the US.
  • The permanent residents of the United States by law as well as the citizens of the US are allowed to travel.

It has been noted that in place of crossing the border through land or water, people have been flying from Canada to the United States. This movement is allowed to the travellers according to the restrictions to essential travellers unless the individual travelling to the US has travelled to the Schengen Area Countries, the United Kingdom, Ireland, South Africa, Brazil, Iran, or China in the period of 14 days before trying to enter the United States. The individuals who have visited or stayed in these countries that are restricted for being travelled to are not allowed to enter the United States without getting a permit prior to the entrance. Further, the most important rule is the test of COVID-19 for each individual travelling to the US the result of which is negative.

Can these Restrictions Impact the Supply Chain?

Since the restrictions allow the essential travels associated with trucks, the supply chains are not affected by the novel guidelines for restrictions. It is crucial to preserve supply chains between the United States as well as Canada. The supply chains make sure that the medicines for saving lives, fuel, as well as food reach the individuals in Canada and the US. Further, restrictions for travellers who cross the border for purposes that are considered to be not essential will allow the individuals of each country to be safe and thus, diminish the virus’s spread.

For how long will the migrants be held by CBP at detention facilities due to the pandemic?

The outbreak of COVID-19 is a result of its transmission from one human to another, which raises the need for detaining people. The facilities of law enforcement by CBP or Customs and Border Protection are for a short duration for holding and do not offer the need for treatment, diagnosis, or even isolation of large-scale.

The Bottom Line

Based on the guidelines provided, there are several restrictions associated with crossing the border by land, by water, and even by air between the United States and Canada. These restrictions are based on the essential travellers and non-essential travellers. Since the virus is contagious, the main aim of these restrictions is to reduce transmission by diminishing the travels across the border between the US and Canada.

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