Upgrading your fireplace in 2021: what to know beforehand

Whether you are doing it for the purposes of aesthetics or to add efficiency, upgrading your fireplace is always a great idea. However, it is important to note that upgrading your fireplace requires that you consider several factors before heading to a fireplace store Toronto.

Why Should You Upgrade Your Fireplace?

  • Improve efficiency

Both gas- and electric-powered fireplaces are quite energy efficient. This is thanks to their closed combustion system. They burn less fuel while producing more heat than wood fireplaces. When a venting system such as a power vent is installed, electric and gas fireplaces can be used to heat several areas. They also don’t lose as much heat as traditional fireplaces.

  • Lower maintenance

When compared to other fireplaces, electric fireplaces require the least amount of maintenance. They are easier to install and clean than masonry fireplaces. You will be able to find replacement parts with ease. You, however, need to work with a professional when fixing up a fireplace.

  • Improved aesthetics

Installing a recent fireplace model will boost the value of your home. This is because having a fireplace is the dream, and many buyers are searching for homes with an installed fireplace. Redesigning your fireplace to suit the current style is one of the best upgrades you can make. This is more so if your property has a modern design aesthetic.

Types of Upgrades

There are three main types of upgrades you can consider:

  • Insert

By changing the fireplace inserts, you will keep the frame of the existing fireplace, but the heat source will be replaced on its own. This type of upgrade takes minimal work, and the installation can be done fast and seamlessly. Installing a set of rustic-looking gas logs that look like actual logs is also a great idea when upgrading aesthetics.

  • Converting

The second option is switching from one type of fireplace to another. For example, you can replace your actual wood fireplace with a gas fireplace. This is an easy fix. Some gas inserts can be installed in an existing fireplace easily. You only need to visit a fireplace store Toronto and find a fireplace that will fit in the fireplace and one that connects to the power vent or a PV.

  • Full Replacement

Removing an installed brick fireplace face is the hardest part. The work is labour-intensive and messy. You need a professional to help with a full fireplace replacement. 

When replacing a fireplace, you need to make further consideration such as:

  • Maintenance requirements of the new fireplace
  • Your usage and needs
  • Aesthetics and functionality
  • Venting components
  • Possible structural changes

Regardless of the type of upgrade you are considering, it is always wise to consult a professional. Zoroast The Fireplace Store is the best place to start. You will get the guidance you need and find the fireplace that is perfect for you.