Good ReadsVisit Dubrovnik, Croatia, the place where Hayao Miyazaki’s anime is inspired by

Visit Dubrovnik, Croatia, the place where Hayao Miyazaki’s anime is inspired by

Visit Dubrovnik, Croatia, the place where Hayao Miyazaki’s anime is inspired by

Dubrovnik, also called the pearl of Adriatic, is famous and packed with culture, beautiful beaches and cuisine. This renowned destination in the Balkan region is known for its breathtaking architecture, seaside landscape and picturesque locations. This is one of the most renowned places in the entire world. This destination is very welcoming towards foreigners. Croatia is a country renowned for its turquoise seas, stone castles and magnificent waterfalls. With the help of ETIAS Croatia, you can easily visit this country. ETIAS is an electronic visa-waiver program that automatically links to the applicants' passports upon arrival and creates a streamlined method of enhanced border security.

One of the most popular anime movies in Japan was inspired by Dubrovnik. Hayao Miyazaki, a manga artist, expanded his horizons and showed that imagination has no limits! Porco Rosso is an anime that narrates the story of an Italian military pilot living in the vicinity of Rijeka.

Following are some of the most renowned places you can pay a visit to in Croatia:

  1. The Rector's Palace.

This palace is the center piece of the Ragusan empire and is a fusion of the European Renaissance and the baroque styles of architecture. At the ground level, you can also see the main entrance to the former meeting rooms of the Great Council as well as the Senate. The quarters of this palace served as the Cultural History Museum, and you can see how the aristocrats here used to live amidst the lavish costumes, sedan chairs and weapons.

  1. The raw oysters at the Bota Oyster and Sushi bar.

You can get your hands on Dubrovnik gourmets, who relish oysters, and you can get hold of them in the Dubrovnik old town. This is one of the most famous delicacies of this city. These oysters are served on crushed ice with a tinge of lemony taste, and one can also order oyster tempura.

  1. Cable car.

If you want to see Dubrovnik from a bird's eye view, you can go in a cable car which looms 412 meters above the city. It was built in the year 1969.

  1. Cathedral.

The cathedral in Dubrovnik is a large ensemble of baroque-style architecture. You should pay a visit to see the interior's artwork, and there is a Triptych of the Ascension of Mary on the main altar. There are many types of other works by Italian and Croatian artists.

  1. A walk through Stradun.

Stradun is where the locals gather to explore the intriguing alleys of the city. This street is undoubtedly one of the most picturesque pedestrian streets on the continent. It is one of the most famous shops for shopping. If you want to hog at any time of the day, you have a plethora of cafes to choose from! The homes have been designed to enable residential living and are notable for having their main doors under the same arch.

The war photo little museum is a famous photography museum that displays various images from armed conflicts.

  1. Dubrovnik cathedral and treasury.

Dubrovnik Cathedral, called the assumption cathedral, stands on the site of the older cathedral, which dates from the 6th century. It is famous for three aisles, splendid interior décor and three apses. This cathedral includes the highlights such as the paintings by Dalmatian and Italian artists. One of the most famous paintings is the Virgin of the Chair by Raphael.

The Cathedral treasury is a place you must visit. This place is famous for being a portion of the cross where Jesus is thought to have been crucified. Some other famous relics are the city's patron saint's leg, head and arm.

  1. The city gates.

The famous Pile Gate of Dubrovnik has been serving as the main entrance. This gate serves as an access point to the fabulous city. The statue of St. Blaise is the other highlight, and it is carved by Ivan Mestrovic, a famous artist. Ploce gate, which is another gate worth seeing is behind the Asimov tower. This gate is equipped with all the safety measures and it is designed as a double defense system.

  1. Loggia Square.

It is a famous square in Dubrovnik which is a central gathering point for many citizens. It features some of the most famous buildings and public monuments. Loggia square is found in the northeast section of the old city center. Orlando's column is one of the most famous highlights which was designed by Antonio Rasgusino. Many people keenly visit the Church of St. Blaise which has a priceless collection of the work of art.

With the help of ETIAS Croatia, travelling has become easier as it allows the travelers to visit the country visa-free for up to 90 days.

  1. Fort Lovrijenac.

This famous fort which is a tourist attraction is used as a venue for the most famous Summer Festival in many theatrical performances.

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