Ways in which you can make your home hurricane-proof

The weather is playing truant nowadays. In the last decade, the instances of hurricanes and typhoons striking are at an all-time high. Apart from causing discomfort to the people, these natural calamities harm your home too. Despite all efforts, the water may enter your foundation and cause lasting damage that is hard to recover from.

The problem does not end here. In the future, the situation might be worse than this, with no hopes of any respite. Hence, we must keep our homes protected. Here we share with you some ways in which you can make your home hurricane-proof.

Protecting the windows and doors

The windows and doors are usually the worst affected. As the winds lash at them, the onslaught could be rather severe. Hurricane winds throw debris here and there. It is almost impossible to keep your windows safe. You could install awnings here to combat the effect.

These rolling shutters guard your home and reduce the impact of the elements. What’s more, you can even retract them once you feel the impact of the hurricane is over.

Remove any debris

As the wind speed increases, they throw around all the debris that falls in their path. Ensure that you have cleaned your grounds and not left anything out. It is these small items that would be hurled around.

Even small things could be thrown about rather violently. Prune your trees and remove any dead branches you see. If you have kept any patio furniture outside, it is better to shift the same inside during the hurricane season.

Design home to deal with disasters

Most of us do not immediately realize the severity of damage that a hurricane causes. But if you are in an area that is prone to having them, you should design your home accordingly. Roof structures especially are thrown around.

Use code mandated construction fastening systems to safeguard your house structure. The fasteners are available in various types, and you have the choice to pick one as per your home.

Take care of the garage door

When the winds come blowing, your garage door is the first one that will be affected. Plus, if it gives way, the winds can tear the garage apart and remove the roof as well. You will have to see that the garage door installed can brave the impact.

This is more important as most people have vehicles which get affected due to the winds and rain. As a precaution, add sturdy doors and rolling shutters to guarantee less damage to the structure.

Allow free flow of water

Sometimes obstructing the flow of water could be extremely dangerous. Keep the gutters and downspouts clean so that nothing stops the water. Understand a basic thing. The water has to flow somewhere.

If there is any kind of obstruction in the path, it will shift to the roof and maybe your attic. In case that happens, the damage caused will be much more than expected. As the hurricane date approaches, conduct a visual inspection of your home. Remove anything that could block the path of water flow.

Arrange power

The power of your home could be impacted too. Have a standby generator that could cater to your power needs at that time. Though you could install a whole house thing, it is not required. Even a basic one that covers basic power is sufficient in such a situation.

However, a running generator could be noisy. Buildings and residential areas have guidelines with regard to the noise created. Ensure that you keep your generator at a place where it does not disturb your neighbors.

Protect your HVAC system

A hurricane could severely damage your HVAC system. Remove any foliage or bushes near the system and cool down your home in advance. Just before the storm comes, arrange a maintenance person to check your HVAC system. Shut down the thermostat and circuit breakers to reduce the damage.

Once the storm is over, check your system for any visible signs. If you see water in or around the unit, do not switch it on. However, if there are no signs, just switch on the unit and hear any abnormal noises.

Last-minute preparations

Proactive preparation is always the best resort. Use the following tips just when the storm is about to strike.

  • Close all the doors and your garage door as tightly as possible. Just by closing the doors, you can reduce the pressure on your roof by nearly 30%.
  • Set weather information alerts on your mobile. This is beneficial in informing you when the storm is over and the extent of the damage. You could also keep a battery-powered radio that tells you of local updates.
  • Keep all the loose items inside. You may have kept bikes, furniture, swings, and other items on the porch. Shift all of them inside as they could be blown away. Apart from that, you should also shift mailboxes, loose fences, and deck boards.
  • Create a home inventory list- Prepare a list of all the stuff present in your home. This is to find out if any item is missing after the storm is over. When it is time to claim insurance, this list will help you in proving your case.
  • Keep certain essential items at hand. These are:

1. Sump pump to vacuum out water accumulated

2. Surge protector to tackle any power surges

3. Water barriers to prevent any water from entering the home
4. A disaster supplies kit consisting of medicines, batteries, radio, and emergency food supplies, etc.


Hurricanes and storms are increasing, and it is time that we stop taking them lightly. Follow the above precautions to reduce the damage they could cause to your home. Always try and stay connected with your relatives in case something terrible happens.

In most cases remaining calm is critical. If something untoward happens, you should handle everything with a sound mind without panicking. You can also move to a new location till the storm passes if you are not mentally equipped to tackle the situation.

Photo: John Middelkoop, Unsplash