What affects the quality of video conferencing?

In recent years, the tendency to conduct video conferences for the operational discussion of various organizational issues has become dominant in almost all areas of human activity. Many experts are very careful in choosing a platform, but one of the most convenient and practical has become the iMind platform.

The site provides great opportunities, has both free access and paid features, depending on your needs and goals. Indeed, today it is very difficult to imagine your business, or even ordinary life, without video conferencing. Often videoconferencing replaces business trips, negotiations, and in some cases even travel.

This was facilitated by the rapid development of the relevant technological base and the emergence of integrated solutions that are easy to adapt to any needs: management, experience exchange, decision-making, control of production and business processes. Moreover, a whole direction of etiquette has emerged – the rules of conduct during video conferencing.

Efficient transmission of images, video and sound by modern means of communication helps to achieve a realistic "presence effect" (over high bandwidth channels). This is extremely important in industries such as telemedicine, law and litigation, recruitment agencies, education and upbringing. However, the effectiveness and efficiency of video conferencing depends on some constant factors.

Conditions affecting the quality of video conference

The technical component is the main condition on which the success and productivity of events held during video communication sessions depend. These include: the compliance of the technical parameters and capabilities of the hardware and software of the videoconferencing system with the set goals and objectives, the ability of technology to maintain a stable, secure communication channel, to ensure uninterrupted data exchange of a certain type at the desired loads. To do this, specialists in building individual and corporate video conferencing systems take into account the following characteristics:

  • capacity of user video terminals (correspondence of the volume of resources to the needs of the participant);
  • high-quality video capture on the terminal camera;
  • the ability to implement different video conference display modes on the terminal screen;
  • sufficient width of the data transmission channel between the video communication server and all participants of the event.

The implementation of an effective videoconference is possible only after a thorough professional analysis of the nature and modes of future conferences based on the needs of the customer and the conditions for conducting. To do this, a videoconference project is being developed, which corresponds not only to potential loads, but also to the financial interests of the company.

Conditions for video conferencing

The quality of videoconferencing is directly affected by the factors of the environment in which the event is held: the volume of the room, the conditions of natural lighting and the placement of additional lighting devices, the background, the clothes of the participants. Important is the convenient location of video cameras, microphones, control panels, monitors, screens.

The ergonomics of user and management devices, their correct localization helps to avoid delays and unnecessary fuss during video conference sessions, increase the comfort of communication between participants and make the presentation more presentable.

Proper organization and preparation for video conference sessions: careful planning of any event is the key to achieving your goals with minimal time and resources. It is worthwhile to make a plan for video conferencing in advance, think over the rules, the order of presentations, set a convenient start time for each participant and provide the interlocutors with enough time to speak.

It is also necessary to warn all participants in advance about the time and order of the videoconference by sending messages through convenient communication channels. At the same time, it is desirable that participants log in to the system in advance. This will allow administrators to check the quality of the connection in real time, eliminate errors in the settings, and avoid possible complications during the conference itself.

Before a video communication session, it is necessary to thoroughly test the operation of the system and each device, check the quality of cable connections, the location of the equipment and its orientation. If you experience difficulties using videoconferencing systems, you can use the services of third-party specialists. They organize technical support for conferences, at a convenient time for you, day or night.

Simple rules will help demonstrate respect for the participants of the event, provide everyone with comfortable conditions and motivate for a more constructive dialogue.

Practice ethical communication during video conferencing. What else is recommended to do:

  • don't be late;
  • introduce yourself to the participants;
  • make sure that everyone has the technical means for conducting a video call session and that they are configured properly;
  • warn that the session has started;
  • look into the camera;
  • hold the microphone closer to you;
  • speak clearly, distinctly, to the point;
  • respect other people's time and not delay your speech;
  • do not interrupt interlocutors;
  • avoid unnecessary gestures, movements;
  • turn off your microphone during the performance of other participants, so as not to “clog” the acoustic channel with extraneous sounds;
  • avoid clothing and backgrounds that conflict with the atmosphere and theme of the conference;
  • try to use well-prepared, readable visual materials with large fonts, well-defined images, a small amount of text and not too bright colours.

In order to achieve high quality video conferencing and its goals, it is important that the organizers, participants, operators and administrators of the video communication system are well aware of their rights, obligations and fulfill them on time. It would be useful to familiarize yourself with the demonstration materials, the performance plans of the participants in advance and agree on them.

As you can see, holding video meetings or a regular video conversation is not so easy. Indeed, if we are just talking with friends, no additional solutions or opportunities are needed. However, if we are talking about business, negotiations and other important events, then in this case you should not neglect the rules, and even more so the choice of a quality service.