What are the best states in the USA to find a job in 2022?

When one considers a new place to shift that is full of opportunities and offer high standards of living then one cannot miss out on the United State of America as it is one of the best places all over the world. With a multicultural approach, quality education, great healthcare and being a hub of opportunities this country is a great place to shift. You can hire for out of state moving companies reviewed at Moving Feedback when you plan to relocate from a different state. However in the USA also there are certain places which are simply the best ones in terms of finding jobs and working. Given below are details.


It is a southeastern US Sate that has an unemployment rate of just 2.8 per cent. This place has a lot of job opportunities and is one of the most beautiful places. For people who love nature and peace, this one is a perfect go-to choose from. It has beaches to the east and mountains on its west which makes it a more loving one. The people present in this place are quite hospitable and friendly. They would actually advise you right path if you ask for directions. It is one of the largest metro areas. So for people who are professionals and want to settle in the USA with great income plus want to experience a quality life then Virginia should be the destination which you should choose.


Another state which just has a 2.3 per cent unemployment rate and is a great one to live in in Nevada. This place is a perfect combination of the reasonable cost of living, good job opportunities, no state income tax and a robust economy that would help people to grow. In terms of livability, this state doesn’t disappoint people. it has bright and sunny weather all around the year which makes it a more happy place to stay in. It is the sixteenth richest state in America. Although the state is good in all aspects but here crime ratio is high. So if you plan to stay here then you have to manage safety concerns as a crime in this place is little more than in other states of America. The rural area is somehow free of crime but in urban areas, it persists for which one needs to be very careful.


This state is known for an unemployment rate of 2.7 per cent. This place has a lot of economic opportunities and it's quite cheap in terms of living expenses there are small cities and towns present here plus this place offers quality education which is the best advantage for the families to shift in. It is also known for organizing a lot of parties and events which makes it a happening destination.

Iowa is the only state that has its borders with two navigable rivers; the Missouri River to the west and the Mississippi River present to its east. The capital city of Iowa is Des Moines. Iowa's nickname is the Hawkeye State. Iowa is ranked first when it is about beef, pork, corn, soybean and grain production. So it is one of the best places which has job opportunities, low living rate, good education plus quality food to offer to its people. So you must shift there if you want a good job plus a happy life.

New Hamshire

This place has a very low unemployment rate that is 2.5 per cent. This place is called the Granite State for its widespread granite formations and excavations. It also has three other nicknames that are Mother of River, the White Mountain State and Switzerland of America.

New Hampshire is considered the safest state to live in the whole country. The crime rate here is quite low in comparison to the national average and even the larger cities have reassuringly low statistics, especially when it is about violent crime. However, New Hampshire has a cost of living that is little on a higher side than the national average specifically in comparison to the metro areas such as Boston or New York, New Hampshire is relatively an affordable place. Another big draw for people who think of shifting to New Hampshire is that the state's lack of an income tax or sales tax.

Thus these are some of the best cities which have a reasonable cost of living, a good environment and most importantly there is the low unemployment rate which means there are a lot of job opportunities for people over here. They can simply stay here, start their career and experience a good life. however, if you are in some other state you should study all the options available in these states and find a good suitable moving company which can help you to relocate to a new place.