What can you do in World of Warcraft to enhance the combat potential of your character

World of Warcraft Dragonflight, like all online projects that boil down to the development of a hero and ensuring superiority over other players, obliges the gamer to constantly strengthen his key character and provide all the necessary equipment and weapons.

Luckily, mechanics that are able to provide strong boosts are plenty enough to save the player from monotonous and repetitive activities by offering a variety of alternatives that you can choose to your liking.


Raids as an activity are a great opportunity to have fun and get a chance to get the strongest equipment for your level in case of a successful raid.

These are dungeons inhabited by bosses and their retinues, and guard the dungeon master from groups of players who have come to try their luck and challenge him.

Raids are constantly updated, and new time zones are added depending on the released update.

For the Dragonflight update, a new raid has already been released, which became the second in a row and was called Aberrus, the Shadowed Crucible.

Already now, players who have reached level 70 and mastered the content of the Dragon Islands can try their luck in the available rooms of the former scientific laboratory to extract unique artifacts and equipment as part of their guild battle groups, or with random players, you can also always order an aberrus raid boost from the service Skycoach.

This is an interaction with professional players who will take you into their group and are guaranteed to pass the raid, or offer a format with the transfer of an account for the implementation of the service. The Skycoach service ensures the security of the account and does not transfer data to third parties – all information remains in the knowledge of Skycoach employees only. Measures are being taken to anonymize and ensure the safety of the player from the interference of the game administration. The status of the transaction can be tracked online on the Skycoach service website; upon completion of the order, it is recommended to immediately change the account password.

Don't forget that raids are divided into normal, heroic, and mythic raids, which affect the overall reward, boss behavior, and the frequency of using special skills. Significantly more people are required to enter, but there will be enough rewards for everyone.


Since World of Warcraft is primarily a game about the factional confrontation between the Horde and the Alliance, PVP is much more common here than players get valuable items from monsters. This means that it is easy enough to meet the enemy in the same spot as you, but Wow only encourages skirmishes and rewards players who come out of it as winners.

First of all, these are coins of valor. Reward items for defeating opponents of the same level as you, or higher.

They do not give a reward for killing small levels, so do not waste time and do not spoil your reputation, and for beginners, the impression of World of Warcraft.

The main value and task of such coins is to offer fans of battles an alternative to get good equipment and weapons without being particularly distracted from the battles.

The fact is that for coins of valor, you can purchase equipment that has significantly more enhanced parameters for attacks on other players than other equipment. Such items have good characteristics and will definitely increase the combat potential of your hero.

Craft and order table

It is worth noting that with the release of the Dragonflight update, Blizzard Entertainment developers have significantly reworked the profession system and made it more relevant and attractive to most players.

However, they are no longer required to obtain truly valuable items. Previously, top items were obtained from raids, or crafting stations. Now you can collect all the necessary resources and inscription and order crafting through the new order table on the Dragon Islands. Previously, this was not possible due to the non-transferability of rare items that immediately became personal during the manufacturing process.

Now the item will become named after the order is completed and will be tied to the customer, and not to the one who made it.

Nevertheless, the profession system is a great opportunity to earn a lot of gold and significantly expand your gameplay by mastering one of the specialties, or rather branches for the growth of the player as a specialist in his field.

It is worth choosing an activity taking into account your class and type of battle – if this is your main character, of course.

Combining professions is as follows:

  • Mining and blacksmithing if you are a member of defensive professions like a tank, or a warrior with a direct dependence on steel armor and weapons. The fact is that the blacksmith creates items from ore, which is mined from rocks, but in parallel with heavy armor and weapons, he also mounts sockets for inserting precious stones with selected characteristics. You can produce everything except these attributes yourself, but for the sake of stones you will have to contact a jewelry master.
  • Skinning and Leatherworking – allows you to process slaughtered animals for leather and the production of appropriate armor and items. You will also deal with hats and various inventory space expanders. The profession is ideal for all dodgers, like daggers, archers.
  • Tailoring and Inscription – since cloth work does not require a companion profession to gather resources, it is worth taking the optimal craft to provide a magic class. Why? Because the tailor sews armor for all casters in World of Warcraft. It doesn't matter if you are an attacking mage, or a shaman, or a healer, you need both armor and weapons. For sewing, threads are needed, which are processed from various materials and cobwebs. Inscription also allows you to create staves as a type of weapon for magicians and scrolls, which serve as recipes and instructions for creating items of equipment and weapons.
  • Mining and jewelry – there are probably no questions about mining anymore, since it is needed for the sake of precious stones, but the master jeweler creates jewelry – items to counteract magic and give the hero additional parameters depending on its quality. The master jeweler also processes gems to give them special character properties. For example, armor penetration for warriors, but a blacksmith, not a jeweler, inserts such stones into weapons.

Fishing and hunting

These two activities can hardly be called super-profitable, but there is a benefit from them. They upgrade Cooking with resources and Alchemy and Inscription with reagents from special fish that you might be hooked on.

Cooking is needed to cook dishes that increase performance, depending on the quality of the ingredients and the talents of the chef himself. Entire guilds turn to cooks before important raids.

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