• By: Allen Brown

What have affiliate sites done to improve player experience at casinos?

Affiliate sites and links have become a major part of internet marketing and retail in the last few years. Affiliate relationships are used across a wide variety of industries, including online casinos.

It is a great way for businesses — both the affiliate and the merchant — to find new customers and to build loyalty. It’s also great for customers since they can be a good guide for products or services they are likely to enjoy.

Affiliate sites for online casinos can be a bonus source for players. They can also improve the player experience in other ways. Let’s take a look at both what affiliate sites are and how they impact the player experience at online casinos.

What are affiliate sites?

Since so much of our life is spent on the internet these days, it makes sense that new forms of marketing would develop to take advantage of the situation. Affiliate sites, also known as associate programs, are a part of this new world of marketing.

Affiliate programs are, at the most basic level, a way for companies to get their products of services in front of audiences that might be interested in them. There are three parts to affiliate programs: the merchant, the affiliate and the customer.

The merchant is the company trying to sell their goods or services. The affiliate is the site that is hosting the ad or providing a link to the merchant website and the customer is who these ads are aimed at.

Every time a customer clicks on an affiliate link and ends up buying the merchant’s product or using their service, the affiliate makes money. It is a great way to advertise to people who might already be interested in what you have to offer.

Introduce new players to new casinos

One of the most basic ways that affiliate sites have improved the player experience at online casinos is that they have brought in many new players and made them feel comfortable.

Online gambling can seem like a world that’s only for insiders and with so many different online casinos, new players can feel totally lost. Affiliate sites help to remove this fear. The customer already trusts the affiliate, so if they have a link to an online casino, it carries that trust over.

It's a similar mindset to seeing an influencer promoting an item – if you like the person (or in this case, affiliate), you're likely to value their opinion. There is no better way to improve the experience for new players than to remove some of the anxiety around trying something new.

Support businesses they already like

Affiliate sites have improved the overall experience for players in that they provide a way for players to support businesses and organizations that they are already supportive of.

Buying from companies that we have positive experiences with already has become even more important to many consumers in the last two years. We’ve seen how important our communities are and how much we rely on one another.

This has led to a more conscious consumer, who tries to spend money in ways that benefit their community or reflect their values. Clicking on affiliate links is an extension of this desire to reward or encourage businesses we like.

When a player sees an affiliate link on a website that they already use and enjoy, it gives them an easy chance to support that website or business. Clicking on the link gives the player access to an online casino they’ll enjoy while giving the affiliate ad revenue.

Bigger and better online casinos

Having a steady stream of new players and new revenue allows online casinos to become bigger and better than ever. They can license or buy more slot machine games to increase the variety they offer to customers. They can also afford to work with more game developers and increase variety that way.

Offering live casino games is expensive because they require a space to film in, a dealer and the optical character reader technology that makes it possible to stream an interactive table game. More revenue means that online casinos can invest in more live casino games to offer to their customers.


Most online casinos offer welcome bonuses to new players. They also often have special limited time offers and incentives to play certain games or to deposit a certain amount of money. With so many online casinos, it can be hard to keep track of who is offering what bonuses.

Affiliate sites make this much easier for players. The links on affiliate sites will often state what bonuses and incentives are available. With the information right in front of them, players are more likely to have a chance to access these rewards.

Of course, the games are the main draw for an online casino. However, having a little reward like free spins or deposit matching helps to make the experience feel even more rewarding for players. Who doesn’t like a bit of free money after all?

This is especially true for new players who might not be ready to invest a lot of money, but still would like to try a bunch of games to get a feel for what an online casino is really like.

Online casinos and affiliate sites work together to make the overall player experience more rewarding. They guide players to reputable online casinos they can trust, help them feel good about the casino they’ve chosen and make accessing rewards easier.

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