What is driving the Brazilian Butt Lift popularity?

Photo: Deon Black Via Unsplash

When you log in to Instagram and start browsing through your discover feed, you might notice photos of celebrities or influencers with a body you wish you had. The good news is, with the proper knowledge and investment, you can achieve a body that you can’t stop staring at whenever you pass by a mirror.

Inspired by Kim Kardashian’s curves, millennials have taken measures to look good on Instagram by transforming their body. According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL) was the hottest growing plastic surgery procedure in 2018. Here are some reasons behind its popularity.

It Kills Two Birds with One Stone

Contrary to what the name suggests, a BBL in Toronto is more than just lifting the butt. The procedure combines two treatments into one. The experts remove fat from areas where you may find it undesirable and inject it into the buttocks.

A BBL allows the butt to look more toned and firmer while eliminating fat from other areas. Along with a confidence boost, a BBL allows you to save money on liposuction or relieve stress over a few unwanted pounds by transferring the fat.

Photo: energepic.com Via Pexels

Celebrities & Social Media Play Key Roles

The BBL went mainstream after celebrities opened up about embracing the procedure to achieve a shapelier butt. They started to post their success stories or flaunt their lifted buttocks on social media, which encouraged millennials to hop on the bandwagon and invest in the procedure.

Since more information is available about the benefits and risks of a BBL, it is simpler for people to gain interest in the procedure. When celebrities such as Kim Kardashian and Amber Rose vouch for cosmetic surgeries like a BBL, it continues to gain popularity in the world of regular people.

Accessibility Encourages More Participants

Although the BBL originates from Brazil, it became increasingly popular in the US and became more known around the world. Since the treatment is more accessible now, it encourages many people to give the surgery a try.

When people notice their friends or family around them getting the surgery, they may feel more motivated to try out the method themselves. So, accessibility can be a contributing cause to its popularity in numerous parts of the globe.

Photo: Jakob Owens Via Unsplash

Contributes to Norms of Body Diversity

When you flip through a fashion magazine or watch models walk on a runway, you might notice that many of them are known to be size zero. With surgeries like a BBL, it sets an example of more than one definition of beauty.

Women are encouraged to flaunt their curves and embrace bigger buttocks, which might have been seen as absurd a few years back. Although cavemen were attracted to larger behinds because they represented fertility, big butts became a way to shame women’s bodies over time. Although the aim of every individual who gets the BBL might not be the same, the procedure does contribute to society’s views of body diversity to an extent.

Many women have embraced the BBL to gain confidence and feel better about their bodies. It can be a great addition to an individual’s body based on their personal needs and expectations.