What is it like to live on campus?

When choosing a college, you do more than just choosing a learning institution. You will be choosing a place where you will call home for about four years. Experts say that college housing has changed over the decades, as campus dorms of the past have been modified to address the needs of the new generation of students. There are private rooms, off-campus apartments, and suite-style living administered by the learning institutions.

Modern campus housing facilities often vary by school, and so do the requirements for most undergraduate students who live on campus. For instance, York University housing units are designed differently from housing units in other learning institutions. So, what is it like for students to live on campus?

Types of housing in colleges and universities

Although parents might remember a shared room with some kind of community bathroom down the hall, that is just one of the many housing options in colleges and universities today. According to most campus officials, many learning institutions across the country provide private bedrooms with various common areas.

Apartment-style housing units ranging from models with several bedrooms to studios are available. There are also gender-neutral bathrooms available in residence halls. Generally, it is up to the students to choose what accommodation option best suits their needs and budgets.

The modern home has evolved over the decades. This has created expectations for privacy in campus housing. The contemporary college students have grown up in many cases in a home where they own a bedroom, and most of them expect this level of privacy to be extended to housing options in colleges and universities.

This was not the case in the past. Actually, most families didn't have such luxuries, and the children would share a bedroom space. The housing amenities in most universities and colleges are also changing to fit the changing housing needs among students. Today, college students have a broad range of housing options to choose from.

On-campus housing safety

Thousands of students choose to live on campus, and the learning institutions are supposed to pay close attention to their safety. There are different issues that can pop-up and affect students who live on campus. Some of these issues include student mental health, drugs, sexual relationships, and more. If these issues are not addressed appropriately, they could lead to bad behavior such as violence, harassment, assault, and more.