What is live betting and how can you get involved?

Changes in the legal landscape have affected the world of sports betting across North America, in both the US and Canada. Like many states south of the border, Ontario relaxed the rules on sports betting over recent months, and more fans than ever are getting involved.

Like every other aspect of our daily lives, the sports betting scene has been strongly affected by advances in digital technology. Where years ago, a gambler might have visited a bookmaker in person, or placed a bet over the phone, today, it can all be done from a PC or smartphone app.

Clearly, that adds convenience, and has been one of the drivers behind the increased popularity of sports betting on a global scale over recent years. But there is more to the tech aspects of sports betting than simple convenience. The events that you can bet on and the types of bets you can place are far wider than they used to be. One of the most dramatic innovations is the concept of live betting.

What is live betting

We have all seen old movies like The Sting in which the shutters are closed in the betting shop as the race gets underway. Traditionally, you could place a bet up until the moment the event started, but not a moment later, as, naturally enough, once play is underway, the odds will change as a horse takes the lead, or a team scores a goal. However, sites like Pinnacle Sports list a variety of online betting sites, many of which offer live betting. Essentially, this involves betting on an event while the drama is unfolding.

Naturally, this adds an extra level of excitement, as the odds could shift dramatically from one second to the next. It has proven incredibly popular among sports fans across the globe.

Which sports?

There are sites that offer live betting on practically every sport you can think of. However, the two that are most popular at present are tennis and soccer. These are good examples, as they demonstrate the different forms live betting can take.

In a soccer match, the action flows constantly, and the odds adjust in line with the action out in the middle. In tennis, on the other hand, the odds will usually be adjusted at the end of a game or set, and will be “locked” during play.

A wealth of options

As with regular betting, there is a choice of wagers available. The most popular is to bet on the outcome – it is obvious to see how these odds can swing during, for example, a soccer match if a team goes into an early 2-0 lead. However, you can also place live bets on a variety of other things, including the exact score, the time the next goal will be scored, the top goal scorer of the match and so on.

Live betting opens up a world of new options for fans to really get involved in the sports they love. Check out the different sites, and see who is offering the best free bonuses so that you can start to get involved at minimal cost.