What makes the Special Sauce CBD flower remarkable?

The hemp plant is one that is at the center of everything concerned with CBD. It is a versatile plant that has several utilities uses. It is filled with several substances that make it quite useful. Asides from its medicinal purposes, it can also be used in making things such as clothes, bags, ropes and many more. What it is most popular for though is its use as a medical substance through cannabidiol which is popularly known as CBD.

The hemp plant contains a range of substances, cannabinoids, flavonoids, terpenes, essential oils and so on. Its cannabinoid content can as well be broken down into several other substances with CBD and THC being the most effective of the lot. You can read further on hemp in this article.

THC is the short form for tetrahydrocannabinol. It is mostly derived from hemp’s sister plant marijuana, but it can be found in little traces in hemp as well. It is also beneficial and in fact, when combined with CBD, they make for a very effective partnership.

The challenge with THC though is that it has psychoactive characteristics. This means that it is the substance that intoxicates a user of cannabis and makes them high. For this reason, hemp is usually the preferred plant for consumption as it is high on CBD but low on THC. It is even possible to cultivate hemp not to contain THC at all.

For cannabis users in the United States, the maximum THC allowed in any product is 0.3%.

The most important part of the cannabis plant is the flowers sometimes referred to as the buds. This is because it is where most of the cannabinoid in the plant is contained. The flower produces a resin that is processed to get cannabinol and other cannabinoids.

What is a CBD Strain?

Hemp cultivation can be done in several ways so that the ratio of the cannabidiol and the THC are controlled. This is what is referred to as a CBD strain. There are several popular CBD strains but what differentiates a high-quality strain from a lower quality one is the level of cannabidiol that is found in there. A high-quality strain will contain higher doses of the substance when compared to THC. As mentioned previously, you have more use for the CBD than the THC.

You can learn more about cannabis strains here: https://www.leafly.com/news/strains-products/top-100-marijuana-strains.

What is Special Sauce?

One of the higher quality strains that is available on the market is the Special Sauce. This is a strain that originates from Oregon. It is carefully bred by Oregon-based farmers who crossed an original Special Sause strain with a phenotype in Early Resin Berry. This resulted in a combination of the unique characteristics of these two plants and producing what is now known as the Special Sauce.


Appearance-wise, the nugs of this strain are small. Even at that, it is packed full of quality flavor and aroma that makes it quite potent. The nugs show a blend of rich and earthy colors. It has numerous hues of green blended with reddish-orange and purple undertones that make it truly aesthetically pleasing.

This is further highlighted by a complex trichome dusting. It is sticky to touch as it is packed full of resin leaving thin films of these on the skin.

Aroma and Taste

When it comes to the aroma, it is light and exquisitely fragrant. It has a sweet smell of berries, earth, musk, sandalwood, and hoppy which caresses the nose.

The taste of Special Sauce is as delicate, smooth and special as the aroma. It is pleasantly satisfying with sweet notes of berry that transforms into a blend of wood and earth and eventually a floral taste. Together, all these flavors tantalize the taste buds and bring with them a heightened experience.

Effect on the Body

Special Sauce comes with a diverse profile of terpenes and cannabinoids that make it effective in a way that the user finds comfort in its use. It has a high CBD ratio of 17.85%, a low THC ratio at 0.07% and the terpenes therein make up 1.62% of the strain.

When used, it delivers a calming effect that can take out stress and anxiety leaving the user relaxed. Interestingly, Special Sauce does not sedate. Its calming effect is balanced by a gentle cognitive buzz that keeps the mind sharp.


Few strains can compare with the soothing effects combined with the taste and aroma of Special Sauce. With its high CBD content and diverse range of cannabinoids and terpenes, it is one that is worth exploring. To ensure you are getting the best of the strain, it is important that you always buy from a reputable source.

Photo: Chris Lillie, Unsplash