What purple shampoo can do for your brown hair?

People these days are more inclined towards coloring their hair in different shades. This automatically demands extra care. Sometimes it makes your hair weak but people who have good quality and healthy hair often do not have to worry much. Purple shampoo is a quite familiar term these days. What is purple shampoo? Purple shampoo is a special type of shampoo that is specifically designed to take care of colored hair. It consists of ingredients that neutralize the chemicals in coloring agents and avoid damage.

How does it work

To remove undesired brassy tones from lighter hair, purple shampoo functions as a toner. Every time you wash your hair with a purple toning shampoo, pigment is added to the hair, changing the color so that it stays as close as possible to the intended tint. The reason why it is specifically purple is that on the color wheel, purple is located exactly opposite yellow, hence purple pigment can counteract or balance yellow tones. It's crucial to remember that the purple shampoo's pigment isn't a hair dye or lightener but a gradual toner. Thus, it is unable to darken your hair.

It is the best for brown hair

Brown hair that has been lightened may begin to exhibit unwelcome warm tones and brassiness; this is especially true of balayage and ombre hair, as well as hair that has undergone previous dyeing procedures more than once. Dry and damaged strands that have received color treatment struggle to retain color. The colors begin to fade, revealing deeper, warmer undertones. Purple shampoo removes brassiness from blonde and brown hair in the same manner. By highlighting shine and preventing color fading, it keeps brown hair lively and rich. Regular use of purple shampoo will eliminate any unwelcome warm tones from your brown hair.

Do not make it your routine

Only use purple shampoo a few times a week; it shouldn't replace your regular shampoo. Too much yellow elimination will make your hair visibly appear darker, defeating the original goal of lighting it. It's advised to limit your use to once per week if this is your first time utilizing it. The rest of the week, use a shampoo designed for color-treated hair, and gradually increase how frequently you use it until you discover your ideal shade.

Things to do on your part

Your hair strands suffer damage from chemical processing, so in addition to using a purple shampoo to balance brassiness, there are a few more essential things you should utilized to maintain the quality of your hair and extend the life of your color between salon visits. Rotate stimulating shampoos to assist promote new hair development while strengthening brittle hair if you have hair loss or thinning, and stock up on loads of hydrating hair products. To keep your strands silky and the color brilliant, add a weekly hair mask for colored hair to the mix. Use only the best products to preserve your color and achieve healthy hair.

Photo by Polina Chistyakova