What role a landlord-tenant lawyer plays?

Landlord-tenant law is a unique aspect of real estate law. Landlord lawyers look after the relationship between landlords and tenants. Landlords are referred to as property owners, while tenant means renters of that property.

These lawyers arrange leases for landlords and can even help renters be reimbursed for security deposits from the property owners.

The role of the Landlord-tenant lawyer is essential in our society because they deal with the most critical aspect in most people’s life — where they live. 

Let's determine why a person can become a Landlord-Tenant lawyer and what he or she plays in society.

  1. What are the primary responsibilities of a Landlord lawyer?

Law tells us that these lawyers ensure the safety and integrity of the rented property. The lawyer will make sure that a property owner will not cause damage physically or financially to tenants, despite the negligence of his own.

There are some regulations about rental properties, and these also come under the responsibility of the Landlord-Tenant lawyer.

Following are some noticeable responsibilities of these lawyers.

  • A lawyer will have to look after the maintenance of the exterior and structure of the house.
  • He must ensure that all the installations, such as heating, electricity, gas, are working.
  • Maintenance and safety of appliances and buildings also come under the job of the lawyer.
  1. What are the qualifications for a Landlord-Tenant Lawyer?

All the attorneys have to pass a Juris Doctor degree to become a lawyer, and becoming a Landlord lawyer is no different. A candidate should get his law degree from an American Bar Association law school because the USA is providing the best degrees for law students.

Furthermore, if a student is an undergraduate, it will be a starting journey to become a Tenant lawyer. It may fall in pre-legal scope or other significant categories such as political science, urban studies, public policy, sociology, etc.

It will help if you look for admission to an ABA law school after completing your undergraduate studies. There are some schools in the USA that are providing special education in tenant-Landlord law. Gonzaga University School of Law is undoubtedly one of those.

Skills required to become a Landlord-Tenant Lawyer

A Landlord lawyer has to deal with different matters. He may represent a tenant or landlord in this regard. It is why he must have some good skills to handle situations wisely.

Let's find the skills a lawyer should have to become a good lawyer.

  • He should have excellent communication skills, both writing and orally. A lawyer must have a clue to deal with different people at different times.
  • Another essential skill that is important for a lawyer is to draft a contract and lease agreement successfully.
  • He should be good at decision-making and must be clear in his thinking.

Final thoughts

Just like other lawyers, a Landlord lawyer has a lot of things to do in his profession. It is indeed an important post, and everyone should think twice while choosing this field as it is a bit daunting to take. If a man has all the attributes to become a Landlord-Tenant Lawyer, he should gracefully go for it.

PHOTO: Mateus Campos Feli, Unsplash