What tech services does Ottawa provide?

As the nation’s capital city, it’s definitely fair to say that Ottawa is one of the big tech centres within Canada and helps to provide some of the most valuable services around. What’s more, as one of the fastest rising hubs in the world, there’s plenty of eyes around — here are some of the best tech services the city offers.

One key area where the capital of Canada sets itself apart is thanks to its thriving cybersecurity cluster. The local industry relies on creating products in all manner of sectors, from encryption to security operations and identity management. One such reputable firm are the Canadian Internet Registration Authority, or CIRA for short, who, fundamentally, are the regulators of Canada’s national domain, .CA, and have been there to do so for at least the last two decades.

They’ve rolled out software such as CIRA Canadian Shield as a free service in a bid to protect Canadians from phishing and malware in a bid to keep everyone safe online. CIRA currently protects over 70,000 Canadians and over 1 million blocks have taken place since the software's introduction.

Elsewhere within the region, research and development labs have been set up by industry veterans such as Nokia and Ericsson in a bid to capitalise on the area’s expertise. Combine with this the fact the presence of Ciena, one of the world’s leading telecommunications equipment providers, and it works out that the capital region of Canada accounts for 90% of all 5G research and development in the country.

The actual city has also been one of the first in Canada to harness the power of faster networking, and has been actively taking part in its development; not only from the point of view of telecoms providers. Along with Quebec and Ontario, Ottawa has also taken part in the ENCQOR project, which is a public-private partnership specifically dedicated to understanding a Canadian future with 5G.

This adoption of 5G tech and also the fact that Ottawa has been a hotbed of new development for several years now means that Canada has become a prime location for those internet-only businesses that have been popping up over the last few years. The likes of online casinos such as Scatters Canada Casino have been making themselves at home on Canadian webspace in a bid to open up the associated experiences with more and more players. With an increased amount of network penetration and access too, this should end up being more possible than had been previously assumed possible. It’s at places such as that where it’s possible to get casino rewards like free spins, and take advantage of all sorts of offers and bonuses that providers have been able to utilise.

It’s definitely true that Ottawa has provided Canada with vast swathes of tech services. From cybersecurity to telecommunications development, it’s become one of the main places in not only Canada but also North America and should over time only continue to develop. It may be possible in the future for Silicon Valley to move further north and in a few years’ time, possibly now be across the border into Canada.

Photos: Pixabay