What you need to know to go to college

Many students ask, should I go to college? Not because college is not the best place for them, but they are not sure what they should expect, especially in their first year in school. What do students need to know to in order to go to college? Transiting from high school to college is a scary experience for many students. They may have lingering questions on their minds as freshers, although many schools try their best to help students feel at home. But there are specific issues that they do not address in orientation lecture.

If you are asking, why should I go to college? Probably you don’t have all the information you need, or you are not sure of their requirement. This article will address these lingering issues and reveal all you need to know to go to college. If I knew all these things, my college days wouldn’t have been horrible like it was then. However, these facts will make the transition process easier for you.

You will miss home

If you live alone on campus, you might have to deal with the feeling of being lonely. You will miss your siblings and the dog who you caress every morning. But it’s okay. And when you eventually return home, you will appreciate your bed a lot more. Knowing this is significant before you leave for college. It will help you to cope.

Each school decides what you can bring

It’s not enough to assume your school might accept all your belongings, so you quickly chip them inside the car. Endeavour to check the list of prohibited items for your school before you move in. Checking such requirements will prevent you from buying appliances that might be banned by your schools such as TV or fridge.

Your first roommate might not be your best friend

Many college students pick a roommate randomly in their first year. Odds are you will probably do same, but it’s not the end of the world. You might think that both of you will be the best of friends. But the reality is that both of you might not get along. Especially when your goals, interests, and hobbies are in contrast with those of your roomie.

College life will expose you to people with different personality traits. And sadly, you may have to cope with it. For instance, you might love studying online and reading books at the library. And when the tasks become severe, you look for someone that will write a research paper for you. But it might not be the same story with your roommate. Who may want to study inside the room at night and with the lights switched on? As time goes on, you can either learn to cope with such discomfort or choose to live alone.

You don’t need to bring your car

If you are going to college, you might not need a car, especially as a freshman, because most colleges don’t allow first-year students to do so. Ensure you verify this with your school, so you don’t end up with a parking ticket. But you don’t have to worry if you discover your college prohibits it. Most schools provide everything a student needs within walking distance, and there are always taxis, shuttles, and bus at various points for moving quickly to any location.

You will never be bored

This is the last thing any student going to college should be worried about as boredom does not exist in the school. You will always need to research, do assignment and you will have a lot of papers to write too. There are a lot of student associations and clubs on campus. Also, you will find different study groups, and making new friends will become a breeze.

Plan your academy career early

It’s easy to get carried away by the plethora of activities on campus. The best thing to do is to plan your academic calendar early. Start planning your grades from your first year. Focus more on any paper you are writing that semester. Learn how to write essays because that will be a vital part of your schoolwork throughout your program. You can also pay to have an essay written for you.

Who says you can’t pursue good grades and have fun too. You don’t have to be scared of devoting your entire college life to just one of them. That is why proper time management is an essential skill for all students before going to college.

These are some of the vital things you should know before you leave for college. This information will get you prepared for the changes ahead.

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