Where to buy magic mushrooms in Ottawa?

Magic mushrooms are known to exist in many different states even though they are illegal. These mushrooms are magical because of the chemical compound known as psilocybin. Actually, the term magic mushroom is just a street name given by the majority.

This means that no specific mushroom is considered magical. Different kinds of hallucinogenic mushrooms possess this chemical component called psilocybin. In fact, statistically speaking, there are approximately 180 other species of mushrooms that contain the said chemical.

These magic mushrooms have been around since ancient times and presently, countries and cities have opened up about decriminalizing and legalizing the use of psilocybin for medical purposes. In Canada magic mushroom are not yet legal but Health Minister Patty Hajdu said, “I also am happy to say that yesterday Health Canada granted exemptions to a number of health care professionals who wanted to possess and consume mushrooms containing psilocybin”.

If you are from Canada and you want to experience psilocybin first hand, then you should add buying shrooms in Ottawa to your bucket list. Why in Ottawa, you ask? This is because Ottawa has different kinds of mushrooms which have psilocybin, especially Stropharia Cubensis. This magic mushroom is famous because it has a wide range of distribution in Ottawa, and it is easy to cultivate.

Native tribes have traditionally used mushrooms for their rites and ceremonies. In the present times, people intake these magic mushrooms because it gives visual and hearing hallucinations, giving them the incapacity to differentiate fantasy from reality.

Yes, some people want to experience that kind of feeling. They will also experience a change in mood, sensory judgment, increased sexual behavior, and many more.

And since Canada legalized cannabis and marijuana, citizens are confident that magic mushrooms will be legalized soon in some areas in Canada, especially in Ottawa. This gives more reason why Ottawa is the best place to buy magic mushrooms. But the question is, where in Ottawa can you buy it? To answer the question, here are some places in Ottawa where you can purchase magic mushrooms.

Where to buy in Ottawa?

  • In the streets of Ottawa

For easy access to magic mushrooms, you can ask trusted citizens that might actually have an idea on streets that sell magic mushrooms. Various areas in Ottawa have this item; make sure you ask the right people because they are still illegal. The downside of buying them on the streets is that the quality of the shrooms is not guaranteed. If you want safe and high-quality magic mushrooms, you can refer to the next recommendation.

  • Ottawa, Ontario's trusted online shrooms dispensaries

The best place in Ottawa to buy a magic mushroom is on their trusted websites. Numerous websites in Ottawa sell the said item. Online e-commerce such as top-shelf shrooms, magic mushies, and shroom nexus are just a few of the many trusted websites for shroom dispensaries. Getting your shrooms online is better than acquiring them on the streets because the products are guaranteed to be high-quality. Your transactions are also safe when you buy magic products online, and best of all, they can be delivered to you to secure your identity.

You cannot actually search for specific places in Ottawa online that sell this product because they are still illegal. Exposing their location might get them in trouble; however, your chances of getting caught are lower when you order magic mushrooms online. This is why Ottawa's best place to get these magic mushrooms is through Ottawa's trusted online shroom dispensaries.