• By: Allen Brown

Where to get the best video game and entertainment offers in Ottawa

Given the competitive nature of the gaming industry, increasing numbers of players are continually seeking to uncover the best deals that their city has to offer. Because of this, heightened numbers of local establishments are striving to provide gamers with competitive offers, particularly within Ottawa. Let’s take a look at what Canada’s capital city has to offer in terms of entertainment and video games deals.

Explore Local Establishments

Although the last few years have seen the emergence of numerous different online platforms that offer game-based promotions, those local to Ottawa shouldn’t overlook the offers that are right on their doorstep. In recent times, the city has been an integral part of Canada’s ever-growing status within the global gaming industry, and this can partially be attributed to Ottawa’s widespread understanding of consumer demands.

Because of this, the city that stands in the eastern portion of southern Ontario caters to diverse gaming desires. This is evident through GameZetera, a land-based shop that specializes in retro video games, along with other forms of entertainment, such as board games and trading cards. While online platforms may be a compelling avenue to explore for modern-day titles, the store that was opened in 2016 deals not only in retro games but also old-school consoles, illustrating their focus on varied types of entertainment.

Aside from GameZetera, there are other stores with unique gaming offers. For example, Games To Go specializes in providing gamers with short-term gaming experiences as opposed to making them buy full versions of titles or specific consoles. The Ottawa-based service offers competitive prices across a whole host of gaming components, including the Mortal Kombat arcade machine, along with next-generation titles, televisions, and virtual reality equipment. Crucially, this land-based option allows players to determine whether they would like to buy their games after the rental period, eliminating the prospect of being disappointed by a title.

The Need to Adapt 

Following the rise of digitalization, land-based establishments have been forced to alter their marketing approaches given the increased popularity of online platforms. From a purely gaming standpoint, websites that deal in CD keys have significantly changed the previous outlook of the global gaming industry. Crucially, while there are numerous factors behind the increased popularity of such platforms, their undeniable convenience has made it somewhat troublesome for land-based stores to compete. 

Moreover, the emergence of review platforms has also forced land-based shops to change their methods through the former's ability to conveniently display the latest bonuses, offers, and promotions. For example, this service is seen at both GamesRadar+ and Metacritic. Moreover, Casino Hacks, a platform dedicated to highlighting market-leading deals across a wide array of different digital casino operators, including Casimba and LeoVegas, who both offer free spins upon registering, is also an example of this. 

Fundamentally, it’s because of the above forward-thinking approaches that establishments like Games To Go have had to explore the potentials of the online world. Although they don’t compare the latest deals across the whole market, their digital platform allows for internal comparisons to be made both in-store and online.  

Local Stores Are Capable of Competing 

Ultimately, despite their shortcomings regarding broader audience reach, local people in Ottawa should undoubtedly take the time to browse through the offerings of homegrown gaming and entertainment stores. Primarily, this is because of their niche offers that range across modern-day and old-school productions. Moreover, the rental-inspired opportunities that aren't commonly available online could act as a money-saving service, particularly for hardcore gamers.