Which Canadian City Could Rival Vegas?

Las Vegas has cemented itself as the world capital of gambling, gaming, and everything involving cards, a dice and a weekend of high entertainment. But surely somewhere else in the 57,308,738 square miles of planet earth there could be a contender for the crown of the best city to escape to for gaming. Say, in the land to the north of Las Vegas. But could a city in Canada knock Las Vegas off the top spot for gambling in the world?

Ottawa, Ontario

Canada's capital may be the most obvious choice for a contender for Vegas’s crown. With its opportunities for travel and tourism, the city boasts three large casinos and various other game bars and locations that allow visitors to indulge in gambling. But, as well as the rise in tourism for casino based locations, as the Jackpot City review shows us, Canada also has a thriving online casino industry, with games spanning online slots and blackjack to video slots and variations on poker. Online casino isn’t just something that has to be played at home given the rise of eSports and gaming bars – of which Ottawa has several. Ottawa proves itself as a worthwhile travel destination.

Toronto, Ontario

Just 75 miles southeast of Toronto lies Niagara Falls – a popular destination on the US/Canada border for weddings, wedding parties, and special events. The wedding industry at Niagara Falls and more widely in nearby Toronto is booming. By turning Toronto into a gambling capital, the entire wedding event could take place in the area. Bachelor and bachelorette parties could take place in the gambling venues of Toronto, while the wedding itself could take place at Niagara Falls. Toronto already flaunts heavy tourism for Canada and is a popular destination for weekend city breaks – which could be augmented by the Vegas-inspired experience.

Vancouver, British Columbia

Vancouver – with its array of beaches and its picturesque scenery is already a city steeped in entertainment, so could be perfect to fight Las Vegas for its gambling crown. With the seawall of Stanley Park and the beach of English Bay, placing a sprawling entertainment complex could attract not just those eager to have a flutter, but those less likely to go for a full-on gambling extravaganza who want to have the beach nearby too. By setting up a Vegas rival in Vancouver, those more skeptical would be more likely to try it out as they would get to experience Vancouver while they are there, making the trip less of a gamble.

While Las Vegas may still reign supreme when it comes to immersive casino cities, there could be some stark competition from Canada, especially the cities that already have a thriving entertainment sector. Though, to be a truly Vegas-inspired casino city would be to find somewhere that doesn't lay claim to anything else and transform it into the mecca of gambling, as Vegas did all those years ago. Instead of a gambling oasis in the desert, there could be a gambling oasis in the scenic countryside of Canada.