Which methods are best for online payments?

So many of us choose to shop online nowadays for a variety of goods and services. The numbers are increasing exponentially year on year. However, when purchasing online, we need to think carefully about the payment method we choose at checkout. Here are some of the best online payment methods you might want to consider next time you make a purchase.


Canadian shoppers should try to make use of InstaDebit where they can. InstaDebit is an electronic wallet that allows you to transfer funds from your bank account to wherever you wish to use them. Payments are instant and handled securely by the third party of InstaDebit. Many businesses are already making use of this payment method. They are a popular choice for payment methods at online casinos and a variety of online outlets. Ottawa residents should consider setting up an InstaDebit account if they do not have one already.


One of the biggest electronic wallets you could choose is PayPal. Paypal is readily available at many different sites. Even if you are shopping on a site halfway around the world, they might offer PayPal, which will make the transaction much simpler to manage. Like InstaDebit, PayPal is linked to your bank account and acts as a third-party in any transactions you might make online. Any site that offers PayPal as a payment method is trustworthy, as they put a lot of work into fraud detection to avoid potentially malicious sites.

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Google or Apple Pay

This one depends on the model of the smartphone that you have. If you have an Android, you should make sure to set up Google Pay on your phone, while iPhone users should activate Apple Pay. You might already have them set up to use as payments for everyday shopping, but you can also use them to pay for goods online. It is a quick and easy way to manage your payments, especially if you like to shop on your mobile often.


Trustly is yet another online banking system that you can use. Trustly has been designed to be as easy to manage as possible. You don't need to bother with setting up cards or downloading an app to get started. Trustly is an easy way to manage your payments online, and you can do so in multiple currencies without breaking a sweat too. Those who don't want to use PayPal or Trustly might decide to use an electronic wallet like Trustly instead.

Choosing Trustworthy Sites

In addition to making sure that you use the best possible payment method, you need to ensure that you are only shopping at trustworthy sites. Please pay attention to little details like the encryption that they use for their customer's information and make sure that you are only shopping on genuinely secure websites. If you can keep yourself safe online as best as you can, you should not run into any mishaps. More often than not, a big part of this can be making sure that you have the correct payment method in place.

Shopping online is fast becoming the norm for the way we acquire many of our favourite goods and services. However, you need to make sure that you are going about it in just the right way. Make sure you have a handful of reliable payment methods to turn to and be confident that you know how to spot a potentially dodgy site on top of this. You should then have little issue shopping online, no matter what you may want to purchase!