Which robot will your child like?

STEM-education of children involves learning science, mathematics, programming and engineering in a complex. This approach allows gradually, in the form of a game, to present knowledge and use it in practice. At the same time, the child immediately understands the interaction of disciplines with each other, and sees the result of this interaction.

Programmable robots-designers

Programmable robot designers are used in school programming lessons. They also successfully perform the task at home, the main thing is to choose the right set. An overview of sets for children and adults of different ages and backgrounds will help to do this.


Amazing and at the same time complex set for children of secondary school age. However, the capabilities of the designer are so interesting that they will fascinate adults as well. The "heart" of the toys – EV3 – is both a microcomputer and a power center.

Features of the model:

  • The set includes two large motors and one middle one to control the power and control accuracy of the assembled toy.
  • Details of the set are designed so that you can fold five robots, which differ in appearance and functionality.
  • To expand the memory capacity, there is a slot for cards such as Mini SDHC up to 32 gb.
  • For effective interaction with the toy designer equipped with built-in Bluetooth and support for wi-fi. Full work via wi-fi will ensure the use of a special adapter.
  • LEGO MINDSTORMS® EV3 is conveniently controlled via a black and white screen and a three-color backlit interface equipped with six buttons.
  • For more information:

To power up you need to buy a lithium battery or 6 AA batteries separately. The battery will last longer, with a charge time of three to four hours.

Abilix Krypton 2

This set is suitable not only for home use, but also for school programming lessons in junior and middle classes. The set belongs to the starting series of the brand, so the main robot is one. In this case, the format and layout of the details allow you to experiment and create new instances on your own. In addition, by purchasing additional parts, you can expand the functionality of models.


  • The control unit is equipped with a processor for four cores, two GB of main memory and 512 Mb of operational memory.
  • Twelve connectors are available for connecting various peripheral devices.
  • The main toy can be improved and modified with additional kits.
  • Programming software is available for free download via Google Play and iTunes services. The program is called Krypton.
  • Accurate and comfortable control provides motion and position sensors in space, light and ultrasound.
  • After the game Abilix Krypton 2 is conveniently stored in a box that comes with. Its design allows you to separate the parts from each other, so you don't mix or confuse them.


Korean brand cute robot will please both boys and girls. Styling model will be to the taste of fans of Asian animation – the designers have tried, and the "face" of the robot put a minimum of humanizing elements. Big round eyes are contrasting, and other features are invisibly depicted with lines. As a result, the toy with friendly appearance turned out, so the young children will be as happy to play with it as the older lovers of programmable designers. If your child will spend too much time with the robot, this site https://writemypaper4me.org may help with studies.


  • Plastic components form a solid construction ROBOTIS MINI, and reliable fasteners will help to avoid losing parts.
  • The model belongs to the category of miniature, so it is convenient to take the toy for a walk or a trip.
  • Open board allows you to upgrade the designer, using additional sensors and blocks, as well as synchronize it with other products of the company.
  • To control the robot is designed Bluetooth module, which works with smartphones and tablets based on Android.
  • Software ROBOTIS MINI for programming toys can be downloaded for free to the mobile gadget and with its help control the behavior of the robot gestures, function keys, voice or text messages.

Robotic designers presented in the ranking are designed for both children and adults. In this case, the best of them are worthy to participate in robot competitions, if you work on them and go beyond what is proposed in the instructions.

Photo: Robo Wunderkind, Unsplash