Whiplash in children and chiropractic care

Sometimes during car accidents, if especially the car gets hit from behind the chances for whiplash injuries become higher, but the chances of whiplash in women are higher than in men because of the neck anatomy. Women have a neck structure less tough than men but the least tough are children who have their bone structures under development hence they are the ones who are at the highest risk for any injury, especially whiplash for that matter.

Why Are Children At Risk For Whiplash?

The smallest jerk, a strong push, or a car back hit which is not that bad, could still evidently mess a Childs's neck. Whiplash is when a child's neck is forced forward and then with the same intensity it is pushed back. This brings about stiffness in a child's neck which would put him in a lot of pain while moving his neck and there is an off chance that it could also hurt a child's shoulders as that is seen in whiplash patients to be common.

There forth, it's safe to establish that children have a fragile body structure, and provided a hard push either through a car accident or even a sports injury, chances for whiplash injuries are higher.

Treating Whiplash in Children:

Whiplash injuries could be from very minor to drastically painful, it depends on the degree of the severity of the accident. In the United States of America, it is safe to say that the statistics of whiplash injuries are about three million people per year. From this counted population of people, thousands of these are children that are suffering from the severity of chronic symptoms of whiplash.

Amongst these children, half of them do not even show the symptoms of whiplash, like children, will not even complain of stiffness in neck or shoulder and neck pain until after days later the mishap.

The important thing to remember if involved in such cases is that it is necessary for you to get your child chiropractic care so that any less or more symptoms of any neck injury can be diagnosed and treated at a time properly.

Chiropractic Care:

The first thing to do after your child has been in an accident, with or without him complaining or showing any symptoms for a neck injury or whiplash, take your child to a chiropractic doctor.

Chiropractic clinics master in providing whiplash care and they can assess what needs to be done and till what time does the healing procedure continues according to the severity or extent to which your child was affected.

Children Tendency towards Injuries and Pain Tolerance:

Children are more prone to getting hurt easily during car accidents or mishaps because their bodies are fragile and they are in the development phase, hence when and if your child has experienced any accident or any back sprain or neck torment, it is a commonly believed misconception that you cannot take them to chiropractors as they are for adults only. Chiropractors are not just for adults they major in treating not only adults but children too, of course, the way of treatment, the methodology for children is quite different from that used for adults. Thus it is safer to consult them and to look out for possible injuries in your child even if they are not showing symptoms of any injury. Keep in mind the fact that pain tolerance in children varies across the population. Your child could be suffering and not express what he feels. In order to stay safe, as a precautionary measure, take your child and get him the chiropractic attention he needs.

With children and their fragile immune systems, you can never be too safe. There forth it is not only good to take them to chiropractic after getting in a car accident or any other injury, it is also good for their development and growth if you get them a routine check-up every now and then. That would also prevent future chances of injuries.The point that is being conveyed to you through this article is that by being proactive with children and allowing their spine and nervous system to grow properly early in their ages when you are taking them for routine checkups regardless of if there has been an injury, or not, you are preventing issues and the need to be addressed for correct spinal alignment and prevention of any misalignment in any bone structure later on in your child's life.

Why Is It Important To Get Your Child To Chiropractic Care?

It is necessary for your child to go to a chiropractor because chiropractors are medically trained to diagnose and treat also, cases like whiplash injuries, back pain, spine issues. The integrity and function of the nervous system are very important for proper growth and development, especially for children.  So, it is very important that the spine, which protects the nervous system, is moving properly and in proper alignment and if the spine is misaligned it will lead to many health issues

Going to a chiropractic clinic helps you rule out the chances of permanent damage to your Child's neck or even spine in such cases, the spine is the backbone of your mobility throughout your life and any damage to that can cause permanent immobility or partial mobility, therefore to rule out drastic outcomes of such accidents and to heal the pain that might have stayed with the accident, it is quite necessary to get your child to have whiplash care from a decent chiropractic clinic or so.


Immediate and appropriate therapy of whiplash wounds can help diminish the odds of bringing about persistent torment from the occurrence. Normal treatment methodologies include

  • Chiropractic care and bone/muscle adjustments.
  • Different exercising strategies and different activities, for example, McKenzie activities or adjustment and sensory-motor activities.
  • Muscle unwinding another main focus for improvement

Since every whiplash case is very different, the chiropractic treatment will differ upon the dysfunctions found during the chiropractic test.