Who owns the most bitcoin

Bitcoin is a new-age investment and one of the widely known cryptocurrencies. The distribution of Bitcoin around the globe is quite unequal. As per the estimation total number of mined Bitcoin is 21 million. In which only 18 million is in circulation. Of these 18 million, a major portion is owned by three addresses.

There is speculation which says, Satoshi Nakomoto, the anonymous founder of Bitcoin holds the maximum number of Bitcoins. These Bitcoins are distributed on multiple addresses. Satoshi Nakomoto is also the first miner of Bitcoin, some reports say he mined 22,000 blocks of Bitcoin. These blocks collectively produced Bitcoin worth more than 1 million.

Distribution of Bitcoin on three addresses

As mentioned earlier, the distribution of Bitcoin is very unequal, a major portion of Bitcoin is held by these three addresses. These addresses are Binance, Bitfinex, and an anonymous address. Collective value of all three of these estimates is 575,000 Bitcoin. Nearly 14.15% of Bitcoin is only owned by 82 addresses.

All these three addresses are the owner of the highest number of Bitcoins. Apart from this Satoshi Nakomoto too owns more than 1 million Bitcoins. These are the highest number of Bitcoins owned by anyone in the world.

Significance of owner of the most number of Bitcoins

Bitcoin is a volatile currency, its price can go up and down. You must have even heard when Bitcoin reached its all-time highest value. Its degradation was also felt all over the globe. So, here arises a question "What impact does that person create who owns most Bitcoin"?. The answer is very simple: richness. But that is not all. This currency can become a new future in the financial world.

As Satoshi Nakomoto has the highest number of Bitcoins, there are two more people on the list of Top Bitcoin billionaires. They are Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss. After settling a lawsuit with Mark Zuckerberg they received $11 million of the cash and they spent all this money on buying Bitcoin. After this Bitcoin prices surged by 49,900% making this a profitable deal for both of them.

Other sections holding a large number of Bitcoins

Other than these Bitcoin billionaires there are other sectors including the Government that owns a very large number of Bitcoins. As said earlier, Bitcoin is a currency having the potential to earn very good investment returns in the future. We have seen this trend in the past although Bitcoin is a volatile currency. Many renowned investors are coming in the race to own Bitcoins. From 2009 to today, the user base of Bitcoin is growing rapidly but the number of total Bitcoin is limited and most of them are mined.

Many public, private companies are coming forward in owning Bitcoins. There are some major companies including the private and public owned maximum number of Bitcoins. Companies like Microstrategy, Tesla, and Galaxy digital holdings are one of them. These have used their treasury to buy Bitcoins.

The governments of many countries are also in the race. According to some reports, collectively the government owns 1.237% of total Bitcoins. Which is a large number, some countries which are actively participating in this are Bulgaria, Ukraine, and the United States of America.

Bitcoin pricing

In 2009, when the first Bitcoin was mined its value was about $10. Now after all these years, the value of Bitcoin is in trillions. Now, we can see how owning a Bitcoin is the next big thing. All the owners of Bitcoin will understand this.

Some market Gurus say that this is not the end. In upcoming years we will be seeing major fluctuations in the price of Bitcoins. This will ultimately benefit all the owners of Bitcoin around the globe. Also, many new changes in Bitcoin transactions and the participation of Banks will make it more interesting for users.

Concluding notes:

Imagine doing something which was never done before but that becomes the next big thing in the financial world. This same happened with the anonymous founder of Bitcoin, Satoshi Nakomoto who also owns a large number of Bitcoins.

All these Bitcoins are stored on different digital addresses. There are also many Bitcoin billionaires other than him. Some public and private companies along with the governments of some countries also hold a large number of Bitcoins. All these institutions and persons knew the value of Bitcoin at the right time. Head over to https://cryptolina.com/ to know more about bitcoin trading.

Photo: Pixabay