Why Are Canadians Choosing Moissanite Jewellery?

Many Canadians today are choosing moissanite jewellery due to its remarkable resemblance to diamonds as well as its unique character. French scientist Henri Moissan discovered the naturally occurring gemstone in 1893, but people recently started to realize its potential as a diamond alternative.

Thanks to Moissan’s discovery of silicon carbide, moissanite is now a top choice for many shoppers who want to purchase an alternative gemstone on a budget. Many Canadian jewellery stores offer moissanite to meet the growing demand, but why has this alternative gemstone suddenly gained so much traction?

Ability to Maximize Budget

If a larger gemstone is your priority, consider working with moissanite. While moissanite was originally discovered as a naturally occurring stone, but due to its scarcity, almost all moissanite used in jewellery is created in the lab, contributing to lower production costs. This allows jewellers to charge less for their products than other gemstones, such as mined diamonds. One significant benefit of choosing moissanite is the ability to maximize your budget with a diamond-like centre at an affordable cost.

When you look for moissanite jewellery in Canada, try to choose a jeweller that handcrafts its products locally. The hands-on approach will allow you to be involved throughout the entire design process, which is fun and rewarding.

No Compromise on Quality

Top-quality moissanite can be near-colourless and free of visible inclusions. These are two desirable qualities in colourless gemstones that buyers seek. Moissanite measures 9.5 out of 10 on the Mohs scale of hardness, indicating that the gemstone is very durable and suitable for daily wear.

Moissanite appears white, clear, and brilliant and can stand up to a lifetime of wear and tear, which are similar attributes to a diamond. Moissanite can be created with varying quality and standards, so ensure you ask about what brand of moissanite your jeweller is using in your ring.

Option to Customize

Moissanite jewellery can be cut into various shapes of sizes, depending on your preference and budget. If you’re considering a custom moissanite piece of jewellery, consult a jeweller with extensive experience for the best results.

A knowledgeable jeweller with a creative background will have an eye for design, allowing them to help you craft the perfect piece. Customizing your moissanite jewellery with a specialist can help you feel comfortable throughout the process and confidant about the finished result.

Keep Up with Global Trends

Many Canadian jewellers offer moissanite jewellery to keep up with growing demands. The global interest in moissanite jewellery could be contributing to its popularity in Canada. In fact, the global moissanite market is estimated to be valued at over USD 68 million by the end of 2031.

The sudden growth in the moissanite industry confirms the value of the rare gemstone, and more buyers realize its potential and versatility.

Moissanite can add value to your jewellery without taking a toll on your wallet. It is becoming a popular choice among Canadians due to its many desirable qualities. If you want to work with moissanite, consult a reputable jeweller that locally handcrafts its pieces to ensure proper care and attention to detail.

Photo: Karen Laårk Boshoff