Why Canada is the best place to build a video game designer career?

By Chris Bell

The game development industry is flourishing all over the globe, but it seems like the industry is growing much faster in certain regions of the world. Not surprisingly, you can find the most lucrative and promising video game design opportunities in countries like Japan, the US, and Canada.

The Canadian video gaming market is growing particularly quickly as the country managed to gather some of the finest young leaders in the fields of video game development and design. But how exactly did they manage to do that? What makes Canada the best place to build a career in video game design?

We can give you more than one answer here, so keep reading to learn all you need to know about the success of the Canadian video game design market. Let’s check it out!

  1. Video gaming is booming in Canada

The first reason why Canada is becoming an epicenter of video game design is the sheer fact that the country’s gaming market is growing steadily. Revenue in the video games segment is evaluated to reach well over $1.3 billion this year, with the projected annual growth rate of 9% by 2025. This practically means that Canada is constantly in search of new and talented video game designers because the market is flooded with gaming-oriented companies.

  1. Canadian cities are major video game hubs

If you are interested in reading the top 10 lists related to video gaming, you will likely run into the list of the world’s most important gaming hubs. You will instantly realize that Canadian cities – Vancouver, Toronto, and Montreal in particular – are major video gaming hubs on the global level. The three cities are big-time players in this field and it’s natural to see them attracting a whole bunch of young video game designers like you.

  1. Canada hosts a plethora of video gaming companies

This factor is closely related to the previous one on our list. Namely, Canada hosts a plethora of video gaming companies and thus demands a huge talent pool to serve the needs of the ever-growing market.

And we are not only talking about the giants like Ubisoft or EA Vancouver. On the contrary, there are hundreds of small and medium-sized companies that are always looking for creative video game designers. If you think you can help smaller companies grow bigger, then we definitely encourage you to try your luck in Canada.

  1. Canada provides companies with institutional support

Canada is known for being a casino-friendly country because it introduces flexible gambling regulations and attracts key niche players to run their businesses locally. Canadian online casinos take advantage of it, so every adult can use a 200% welcome bonus to start gambling. But it goes much more than offering a 200 casino bonus as there are many other regulations that support casino games in Canada.

The situation is the same with video gaming. The Canadian Media Fund strongly promotes new projects, the Trade Commissioner Service helps video game companies to find investors internationally, while many other laws eliminate bureaucratic barriers.

  1. Canada hosts top-notch video game design schools and courses

Local authorities also understand that the gaming industry cannot be sustainable without long-term investments in learning and education. Some of the best institutions in this area include Vancouver Institute of Media Arts and Seneca College in Toronto, but you can check out a lot more schools that offer high-quality video game design courses.

  1. The country is immigration-friendly

Finally, we must mention that Canada is extremely agile when it comes to inviting and hosting skilled immigrants. The country opens its door to individuals who have strong knowledge and experience in graphic design and game development, which serves as a great addition to the local talent pool. In other words, you can go to Canada and start a career in video game design even if you currently don’t live in this country.

The Bottom Line

Canada is the world’s ninth-largest economy because the country is prone to following state of the art trends in IT and new technologies. This is also why Canada has become the best place for creative individuals who want to build a career in video game design. We dug deeper into the subject to present you with the main factors behind such outstanding growth, so now you should feel confident that Montreal, Vancouver, Toronto, and other cities in Canada are the perfect places to kickstart your video game design career.

Chris Bell is an online gamer and a member of the Gamblizard editorial team. Chris is a passionate casino player and he knows everything about digital slots. When not gaming or gambling, you can find Chris traveling or running long distances.