Why DIY Has Become The Go-To For Furniture Design

DIY is the new designer. As social sentiment shifts from having it all to making it all, weekends are now spent hunting for furniture or scraps with good bones that can be created into something beautiful. There is a number of factors that have driven this passion, which of course all have to do with our desire to be and own individual works and reduce our carbon footprint. Find out why we’re trading in department store purchases for a weekend in the garage with our bare hands.

No one wants to be the same

Freedom Furniture no longer has the monopoly on great furniture. Previously, we lived for the season catalogue; pouring over what was governed the look for that season, month, week.. Whatever. But the times are changing and individuals are leaning towards just that – being individual and owning things that reflect their style and personality, and there is no easier way to do this than by making it yourself. A unique look can easily be achieved by by re-covering furniture with fresh upholstery material; maintaining the bones of the piece and just giving it a twist. A space can also be completely transformed with the use of an extendable dining table and chairs.


The time of burying your head in the sand is over. With a wealth of knowledge on waste and environmental harm, it’s hard to push that to the side and buy yourself a spanking new armchair that was made who-knows-where, and with knows what. DIY has been embraced by those who are environmentally conscious and sustainable, as it affords them the chance to use something already created and in usable function. If the S word makes your eyes roll, think about the example it sets for the generation after you. It shows that possessions mean something, and that by blindly consuming, we are damaging our home Earth.

Access to knowledge

It’s no surprise that the Bunnings Warehouse YouTube channel has the large following it does. People are becoming more self-sufficient, driven by the satisfaction of sitting or dining on something they have made with their bare hands. There are so many TV shows, social channels and blogs purely based on people restoring or creating furniture. Before you commit to making yourself a King-size bed, dip your toe in and look at some YouTube channels and make sure you pay close attention to the materials and budget before you get started. Make sure you are not biting off more than you can chew!

Supporting local passion projects

Everyone loves an origin story. A denim jacket from a hole-in-the-wall store in Barcelona, or those leather pumps from Boston. Furniture is no different. When you get those compliments on your new dining table, it’s nice to tell your admirers where it is from and who made it. DIY furniture always has a great story, and you the buyer are contributing to your local community and giving life to something by supporting a creator. If you aren’t sure what’s out there in your community, attend a local market and get to know the artists and designers in your neighbourhood. Take it a step further and follow them on their socials and share their creations with the world.

If you are not inspired to roll up your sleeves and make something with love, then check to see if you have a pulse. Being creative and putting your mark on the world is what we are here for, so don’t delay your passion project and get started. The only consequences are individuality, a healthier Earth and less of the same.