• By: Allen Brown

Why do people buy fake sneakers? (The answer will surprise you!)

Fake sneakers are big business. So big that replica sneakers accounted for $1.2 billion in sales each year.

Why are so many people buying replica sneakers? Designer shoes and clothing has inspired replicas for years, so you’re always able to find knock-off replicas of your favorite designer brands.

With so many shoppers turning to fake sneakers, have you ever wondered why? Keep reading to find out!

Fake Sneakers Help You Stay on Trend

Trends can change fast and there’s always a new style and look to stay on top of. Athleisure, a mix of athletic and leisurewear, is bang on trend at the moment, but you’ll need to have the right kicks to pull off the look.

Sneakers come in all colours and looks, so you may want to have a pair for every outfit. If you’re looking for a style that’s already sold out or one that may be out of your budget, shoe replicas can be one of the best ways to get the look you want.

You’ll Save Money

One of the biggest reasons shoppers turn to fakes shoes, or any designer goods, is to save money. Designer brands can set you back hundreds, if not thousands, for a single pair of shoes.

Once you add in clothes and handbags, one outfit can easily run you in the five figures. For most people, designer shoes and clothes are simply not affordable.

With designer replicas, you can sport the luxury designer look for a fraction of the price of the real thing.

They’re Often Identical to the Real Thing

Believe it or not, replicas can not only look like the real thing, but they may be identical! Sometimes, fake goods are made in the same factory or from the same patterns and materials as the real thing.

Therefore, you’re getting the same product for much less. If fakes look so similar to the real thing, how can you tell the difference?

Take a popular sneaker like the classic Air Jordans. When checking the authenticity, you’ll want to check the shoelaces, the box they came in, and the price.

An easy rule to remember is that if the price seems too good to be true, it probably is.

Drives Brand Awareness

Another reason both shoppers and brands love fakes is that they increase brand awareness. If shoppers are all wearing the newest Air Jordans, more and more people want them as well.

This leads more people to check out the brands, driving an increase in sales.

Start Shopping for Designer Replicas Today

Ready to embrace the sneaker trends? If so, it’s time to start shopping for fake sneakers.

There are plenty of places to find replicas that look just like the real thing. You can shop online, browse markets, or ask friends or classmates where they’ve been shopping for their latest looks.

Get started today and embrace your inner fashionista!

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