Why Snoring Is Considered Dangerous and Why It Is Necessary To Get Rid of It: We Are Going To Talk with Viktoriya Dombrovska, Director of Profmed Healthcare Solutions

Despite the fact that in the perception of the majority of people, snoring is just a harmless habit, it is an alarming symptom for medical experts.

Victoria Dombrovskaya is the Director of Profmed Healthcare Solutions, who agrees to talk about the way modern medicine successfully fights snoring, and in particular, about the innovative technology known as CPAP devices.

Specifics of Work of Profmed Healthcare Solutions

A team of professional healthcare experts of the Profmed Healthcare Solutions company has been helping patients get rid of snoring in the most comfortable way for 14 years. They achieve great success thanks to access to advanced and up-to-date technological equipment , high-quality consumables and drugs, as well as caring and attentive attitude towards all the clients.

Victoria is a leading distributor of professional equipment from globally recognized brands in the US, Australia, New Zealand and Europe for treating sleep apnea disorders. The company she works for has been able to achieve significant success in making the treatment as effective as possible. Before starting therapy itself, the team of respiratory therapists perform the needed tests in order to select the most compatible CPAP machine in accordance with the individual needs of the patient.

What Does Cause Snoring and Its Danger To the Body

People tend to believe that snoring is a side effect of being overweight, having a stuffy nose, etc. And in most cases, they do not respond to it at all. In reality, the most common causes of snoring are neurological, otolaryngological pathologies, lack of oxygen in the brain, as well as other human organs.

As a result, the brain of a snoring person does not fully rest, which leads to a constant lack of oxygen and provoked micro-awakenings. Because of this, a person may feel sleepy and tired the day after. Accordingly, this condition is responsible for provoking sudden “shutdowns” of the body, and a person can simply fall asleep for a short period of time while being fully awake.

This condition is able to reduce the overall quality of life, interfere with work, and lead to chronic fatigue, as well as other serious health issues. We do not want to even mention possible increased risks of emergencies. For example, if a person suddenly falls asleep while driving a car, or even loses concentration for a short period of time, it can surely lead to an accident.

No matter what health condition makes you snore, the issue can be treated with the help of CPAP technology. The name of this treatment and the device itself stands for Continuous Positive Airway Pressure. Despite the high level of therapy effectiveness, a wide range of people know nothing about it, and as a result the problem of snoring is still widespread.

In addition to solving the problem of snoring, CPAP technology helps solve other symptoms of human bodily dysfunction.

CPAP therapy helps to normalize your sleeping, reduce the risk of heart attack and stroke, reduce excess weight, as well as promote concentration of memory and attention. All this leads to a way better and more comfortable life with an increased level of its productivity.

Studies also show that the usage of the CPAP machine leads to a decrease in the dosage of antihypertensive drugs.

Types of Equipment Used in CPAP Therapy

All the devices used in therapy function on the principle of creating positive air pressure in the upper respiratory tract of the patient. There are several modifications of the devices:

  • a basic CPAP device, which gets adjusted by the physician manually; it helps eliminate snoring and the sleeping apnea issue with an individually adjusted selected pressure.
  • more sophisticated Auto-CPAP device; the range of pressure gets set by the physician, and then the device automatically adjusts the level of the needed pressure.
  • two-level CPAP device, which is used for patients with chronic lung diseases, severe sleep apnea combined with obesity. The device creates a different level of pressure during inhalation and exhalation.

When Is It Time To Ask for Help?

CPAP therapy helps solve sleep apnea issues, from moderate to severe level. The rate of breath holding is supposed to be more than 15 times in one hour. In addition, an indication for therapy is mild sleep apnea in combination with increased daytime sleepiness and the presence of concomitant diseases.

The effectiveness of treatment remains high regardless of the severity of sleep apnea problems. In most cases, after therapy, the severity of concomitant patients' diseases (hypertension, diabetes, obesity) decreases and all symptoms of sleep apnea disappear.

Treatment Effectiveness

The high efficiency of therapy is achieved not only by the innovativeness of the used medical devices, but also by the correct method of conducting the treatment. The excellent results are achieved thanks to the correct determination of the duration of the course of treatment and the selection of the mode of operation of the equipment, as well as the choice of the optimal mask, which is the most comfortable for the patient and is hermetically sealed to the patient’s face.

Due to the fact that Viktoria Dombrovskaya has created a team of the best sleepologists at Profmed Healthcare Solutions, the result of treatment is usually visible already within the first days after the start of the treatment course. The specialists of the clinic always select an individual treatment program for each patient, taking into account the characteristics of his or her body and current state of health.