Why use custom t-shirts for your business in Ottawa?

Are you looking to promote your business in Ottawa? People nowadays often think about social media posts and other online strategies for marketing their events, products, or services. While it helps get the desired results, other mediums could drive more leads and sales.

And as a business-minded individual, you would not want to miss out on any opportunities that could grow your company, right? Custom t-shirts are not a new concept. But because of today’s digitally driven culture, they’re usually put aside.

This post will provide more insights into why you should use custom t-shirts for your business in Ottawa.

An Economical Marketing Strategy

Using custom t-shirts as employees’ uniforms can positively impact the company. With the brand logo and tagline printed on t-shirts, they will serve as a walking billboard in promoting your business. It’s also one way to build a connection with your customers. People can distinguish you from other brands by the t-shirts your employees wear.

Custom t-shirts are also an inexpensive way to market your business. It may vary depending on the quantity, materials, designs, and other details. But the cost is considerably less than the amount you’ll spend on TV, radio, or digital advertisements. You can save a significant sum and have the benefits of word-of-mouth marketing for your business.

Make Your Brand More Visible

As a hub for Canadian tech and politics, you might think that using customized t-shirts might not work anymore in Ottawa. But according to Express Ottawa, the demand for custom t-shirts never went through a significant decrease. This means it’s an excellent opportunity to get your business known to potential customers. How do you do this?

You can create branded custom t-shirts in Canada for your business and sell them as merchandise. It’s a unique way to interact with your customers. Many people will purchase merchandise from a company they’re loyal to. And with quality and visually appealing design, they will keep buying more of your merchandise. This can help increase brand visibility and result in greater sales.

Boost Team Morale

Employees are the best advocates for your brand. They can assist in spreading the word about your business by voluntarily sharing what it’s like to work in your company. It’s a perfect way to build a positive brand image. But you have to make employees feel important, secure, and connected to make that possible.

You can boost team morale in several ways, and having a coordinated workwear dress code is one. It’s more than identifying the people working for you. Employees can feel a sense of unity and belongingness when they wear the same custom t-shirt. It reminds them that they’re working together for the company’s goals.

Excellent Giveaway

You can also have your branded t-shirts as giveaways during a product launch, business conference, or special event. People wearing them can become your walking advertisements. You can also utilize it as your promotional tool to boost engagement on your social media channels. Since everyone loves freebies, it will surely capture the attention of a wider audience.

You can expand your business outreach without paying consumers to market your brand in this manner. Since the materials of quality custom t-shirts can last for years, this can help you get more leads and customers even in the future. Compared to business cards or flyers, they also give more value to your audience, making them more engaged with your brand.

A Few Tips When Using Custom T-shirts for Your Business

Some factors can affect the benefits you can get from custom t-shirts. Remember to implement the following tips in your business:

Consider the Print Size

The size of the print matters. If you’re planning to use the shirts as employees’ uniforms for their face-to-face interactions with customers, print the logo in a smaller size. If you want to use it as walking advertisements, make the logo big enough to be visible from a distance. But don’t make it too large that it overpowers the overall design of the t-shirt.

Be Mindful of Colours

Colour choice is an essential factor in your custom t-shirts. It gives certain emotions to people, so choose something that matches your brand. If you want to use multiple colours, ensure that they go well together.

Simplify Your Design

The purpose of custom t-shirts is to introduce your brand to people. Only include the necessary elements to convey your message when choosing a design. Make it easier for everyone to figure out what’s on the shirt. Ensure that the text and layout are easy to read and understand.

Choose a Quality Fabric

Low-quality t-shirts are often cheaper. While it can help save some money, it can only do more harm than good to your brand. People may not wear the shirts and keep them in their cupboards. It’s your business promotion, so choose a quality fabric for your custom t-shirts.

One Last Note

Having custom t-shirts for your employees and business can help build brand awareness, whether you’re a startup or an established company. But you have to pay attention to the design, colours, and content you put in. Ensure to create an impactful message that will make people want to do business with your brand.

Photo: Pexel