With iGO’s New Electric Models – the Future is Electric

Brace yourself for the ultimate urban cycling adventure with iGO’s 2023 e-bike lineup. With a commitment to environmentalism, freedom, and enjoyment, iGO strives to make electric bicycles a part of North American lifestyle and culture.

Over the years, iGO has developed a relationship with its customers through its best-selling e-bikes. The Core Elite models are known for their reliable components, quality fit and finish, and easy serviceability. This summer, iGO went above and beyond to put new, premium options on the market.

With one of seven brand-new, unique e-bikes, a sweaty commute can be replaced with a swift ride up any hill or down any street. There is something for every taste, with models catering to anyone from urban commuters to mountain bikers and all-roaders. The Rosemont, Yorkville, Cabot, Sawback, and Torngat models each offer a different motor tuned perfectly for their riding styles. From bikes with 500W hub motors to 350W-500W mid-motors, iGO bikes offer an incredibly long range of up to 110km per full charge.

All iGO bikes are equipped with hydraulic disc brakes for reliable stopping power and components such as lights, fenders, and cargo racks to make the riding experience safer and more versatile. Whether navigating downtown streets, exploring your neighbourhood, or enjoying a leisurely ride, iGO’s versatile eBikes are a great choice for any escapade.

Since 2006, iGO Electric has strived to become engineers of freedom, offering customers the feeling of true liberty in their transportation. They see the e-bike as a revolutionary third way between walking and driving for people to connect with the world around them. “We believe in their power and how they power you. Our electric bikes give people at every level of fitness the ability to be more free and get more from life.”

About iGO Electric

iGO Electric was founded in 2006 when an electric forklift reseller’s mechanical intrigue and passion for cycling came together. On a trip overseas, two of iGO’s founders discovered one of the first electric scooters.

Sixteen years later, iGO Electric is crewed by a dedicated team of designers, engineers, and sales staff. Driven by decades’ worth of industry experience and customer feedback, the goal is to create the highest quality product at an affordable price.

With 17 years of innovation and over 50,000 bikes sold, iGO has always been at the forefront of the electric bike industry. They work with an environmental and sustainable approach to encourage the non-electric population into the e-mobility lifestyle. iGO was voted best value by electricbikereview.com and was one of the first e-bike brands in Canada.

For more information, visit igoelectric.ca