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Luigi Saracino has worked as a musician, composer, writer, stand-up comic, actor and voice-actor, for over thirty years. He plays, writes, and performs music primarily with a lovely group of guys in a kick-ass rock band called Better Living Through Chemistry, as well as playing, writing, and performing, with an 80's "revival" act called Dreams Go Colour, a folk-based duo called Bocca Del Lupo, and a deep-house music project called Young Hollywood. He also hosts a lovely pop-culture focused podcast called "Free Inside:The Show". Luigi loves living in Ottawa, is naturally buoyant in freshwater, and believes wholeheartedly that “Slinkies” are powered by a combination of “dark magic” and “bluish-hued imps from the 7th dimension.” Luigi would also like everyone to know that he is only a little bit ticklish, mostly "Jolt-Cola-powered", and a huge sucker for any movie with the incomparable Ernest Borgnine in it.

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