Your Worth – RESP’s: Granting Children an Education

June 5, 1999 1:12 pm

Registered Education Savings Plans (RESPs) have recently become a hot topic. RESPs are investment plans in which contributors accumulate money to help finance a beneficiary’s post-secondary education. With escalating education costs and the reduction in student employment opportunities, parents welcome a helping hand to finance their child’s post-secondary education. Historically, […]

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Foreign Affairs – In the Service of Human Security: A Vision for Canada’s Foreign Policy in the Next Millennium

March 12, 1999 12:54 pm

Around the turn of the last century, Prime Minister Wilfrid Laurier made the bold statement that the 20th Century would belong to Canada. While there are others with greater economic or military assets, in many ways we have achieved Laurier’s vision, and become a model for the world for the […]

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Public Service Alliance: Remembering the Future

March 8, 1999 1:07 pm

“You may say I’m a dreamer, but I’m not the only one” John Lennon The new millennium is upon us, and our political and business rulers will predictably rise, in the words of Chicago’s Mayor Daley, to “higher and higher platitudes.” They will trumpet and bray and claim all past […]

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International Trade: The Case for Expanding Trade in the Next Millennium

March 5, 1999 12:00 pm

“In the past, we have seen trade pitted against the goals of human rights and the alleviation of human suffering. I look forward to a 21st century where trade is instrumental in furthering these goals; where our exports of products and services contribute to improving the human condition.” As Canada’s […]

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Canadian International Development Agency

11:53 am

With the 20th Century coming to a close, we map out our vision for the next millennium and anchor it in an important reality: Canadians live in an interdependent world. As Minister for International Cooperation and Minister responsible for La Francophonie, I am proud to look back on the past […]

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National Perspective: Chretien Rolls the Constitutional Dice

January 14, 1999 1:18 pm

The first week of December 1997 will be looked back upon as Prime Minister lean Chretien’s “virage” in the war against the Quebec secessionists. Until then, Stephane Dion, his professorial constitu-tional side-quick, sowed paranoia in the ranks of the secessionists by smiting them with his brilliant articles denouncing the illegality […]

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A Gloomy Scenario for Small Business – The Year 2000 Glitch Won’t Affect Me… Right?

January 10, 1999 12:46 pm
y2k melt

Let’s hope the answer to that question is: ‘Certainly not!’ Unfortunately, you’ll get that answer only from those who believe that the year 2000 (Y2K) problem is a figment of someone’s imagination. If you look around, you’ll soon realize that this is not a hoax or money-making scheme for consultants […]

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Ottawa’s Grand Boulevard: Vision or Nightmare

January 4, 1999 12:07 pm

In the mid-1800s, Parisian architects redesigned the entire city, replacing the twisty medieval streets with long, wide boulevards. Given the many violent uprisings of that era, the military favored the new roads, for they provided a much better view down the gun barrel at the angry mobs storming towards them. […]

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National Perspective: Presto’s Field of Dreams

November 4, 1998 2:10 pm

Its deja vu all over again! Presto Manning, oblivious to the stark reality that Canadians are suffering from the worst symptoms of constitutional fatigue, is plead-ing for a renewal of these selfsame negotiations. In the tradition of all true prophets, he believes that if he builds his “Field of Dreams,” […]

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Ottawa Professional – Selling Canada’s Food to the World: Cynthia Currie, Chair, National Farm Products Council

September 3, 1998 2:35 pm

Canada is selling more food to the world than ever before. Cynthia Currie, the hard-working chair of the National Farm Products Council, wants to see this trend continue. Her main mission is to help the Canadian poultry and egg industries move forward and cater to growing international markets. Currie is […]

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National Perspective: Hugh “No Surrender” versus Joe “Redux”

1:20 pm

The once proud Progressive Conservative Party of Diefenbaker, Stanfield and Mulroney is facing a bleak future. The best candidates it can muster for its leadership slugfest are Joe Clark, a recycled, short-term Prime Minister, and Hugh Segal, a former political guru to Brian Mulroney. Both consider themselves and their party […]

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National Perspective: Canada’s “Supremes:” Fatal Tilt

May 3, 1998 12:58 pm
fatal tilt

Are Canada’s “Supremes” like the Pope, infallible? Our nine Supreme Justices have closeted themselves away to consider their responses to the three legal questions put to them by the Chretien government in the Quebec Secession Reference case. Will the “Supremes” confirm their 1981 “fatal tilt” toward defining Canada as a […]

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Canadiana: Capital Notes

February 12, 1998 1:36 pm

This month’s column is something different because it does not deal with quotations about Ottawa or questions about the National Capital Region. Instead, it offers a short discourse on numerology… numerology as it relates to Ottawa. Numerology is the study of the relationship between numbers and letters and their significances. […]

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National Perspective: Paul Martin’s Counter – Revolution

February 3, 1998 12:47 pm

Paul Martin Jr., minister of finance, and his senior mandarins, are the counter-revolutionaries in the Chretien government. Indeed, Paul Martin Sr. was the true revolutionary. In the governments of prime ministers King, St. Laurent, and Pearson, Paul Martin Sr. helped design and implement a wide range of social programs. Canadians […]

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January 6, 1998 12:20 pm

The new year will mark a new direction for the principal owner of Ottawa’s largest funeral home business, Brian McGarry. He decided not to run in the November elections and thereby gave up a part of his life that he calls his community life, at least for the time being. […]

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BILL 160: A Threat to Democracy in Ontario Education

January 5, 1998 12:42 pm

As Canadians gathered on November 11 to remember those brave men and women who fought to secure freedom and democracy for Canada, various groups in Ontario were waging another war to preserve the democratic process. The initial battle, led by more than 126,000 teachers, administrators and support staff, ensued when […]

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National Perspective: Democracy & The Canadian Constitution

January 3, 1998 12:10 pm

Are Canadians a sovereign people when it comes to amending their constitution? Not according to our political leaders, self-proclaimed democrats one and all. While they encourage Canadians to participate in a meaningless public debate about the vague and contradictory Calgary Declaration, they amend our Constitution without obtaining our consent. Recently, […]

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