A Refugee Camp in the Heart of Ottawa

June 15, 2010 7:37 am

“As someone who has grown up with dogs, I am so passionate about educating Canadians on why they should turn to a shelter when looking to add a dog to their family,” said Kurt Browning.“

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Opposition Leader Tim Hudak says with Ontario facing unprecedented job losses and a massive deficit, six million in bonuses to LCBO management is wrong

May 1, 2010 9:46 pm

Premier Dalton McGuinty recently announced that the Ontario government is considering selling off crown assets such as the LCBO to reduce the deficit. Ontario PC Leader Tim Hudak is convinced that such a move is not the right way to go. “Selling off crown assets is the wrong approach to […]

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Canadian Innovation and 21st Century Challenges

2:46 pm

Like other countries, Canada faces profound challenges in the decades ahead. An aging population, the need to mitigate and adjust to climate change, the transition to a low greenhouse gas emissions economy and pressures from rising economic superpowers are issues we all confront. Science, technology and innovation will be crucial […]

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Farmers In Crisis: While the Provincial and Federal Government Argue – Farmers Pay the Price

2:15 pm

Ontario’s leading agricultural agencies recently signed a joint letter to Ontario Agriculture Minister, The Hon. Carol Mitchell, expressing their concern that the McGuinty government and the federal government do not have a strong enough sense of urgency about Ontario agriculture. “We are living the crisis every day on our farms […]

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Cuba-Canada Celebrates 65 Years of Diplomatic Relations: Cuba’s Ambassador Weighs in on Canada-Cuba Bonds, Hunger Strikers and Obama

2:00 pm

Her Excellency Ms. Teresita de Jesus Vicente Sotolongo, the Cuban Ambassador to Ottawa, recently sat down with Ottawa Life Magazine Publisher Dan Donovan to discuss Canada-Cuba Relations on the 65th Anniversary of the beginning of official diplomatic relations between the two countries. Dan Donovan: Canada-Cuba relations can be traced back […]

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Andrea Horwath, M.P.P. and Leader of the New Democratic Party says LCBO Bonuses Show a Culture of Entitlement Fostered McGuinty Liberals

11:50 am

OLM: Ex-LCBO employee Larry Paterson discovered through Freedom of Information requests that the LCBO dished out over 6 million dollars in bonuses to employees in 2008 (which had increased from just over 400 thousand in 1997). Can you comment on why these bonuses were awarded? What was the reason for […]

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LCBO Strings Attached: LCBO requests Letter to Editor be published “with no strings attached”

March 1, 2010 11:58 am

In the January 2010 issue of Ottawa Life Magazine, (OLM) we published a feature article by wine writer, Michael Pinkus, (www.ontariowinereview. corn). Pinkus reported that the LCBO handed out over 6 million dollars in bonuses during the economic downturn of 2008. The feature was read by thousands of readers both […]

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The Future of Northern Resource Development in Canada — Optimism or Pessimism

11:46 am

Natural resource development in the Canadian North is emerging as one of our country’s most interesting economic policy issues. Climate change, mineral prices, Aboriginal relations, northern sovereignty, and environmental review efficiency are environmental review efficiency are among those issues that are closely integrated with northern resource development and will influence […]

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Canada’s Role and Responsibility on the International Stage

January 1, 2010 11:11 am

Canada’s expertise in mining and mineral development dates to the earliest days of our country, with the establishment of the Geological Survey of Canada a quarter-century before Confederation and with a first mining settlement in the Sudbury region in 1883. In the ensuing decades, wealth has been created in many […]

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Holding Mining Accountable for Actions Abroad

10:55 am

The core argument of the mining industry is that C-300 (The Responsible Mining Bill) would cause reputational damage to mining companies. This is nonsense. C-300 didn’t cause reputational damage in the case of the allegations of murder against Blackfire in Mexico. It’s not even clear that C-300 would apply to […]

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LCBO Monopoly

10:46 am

Awhile back, my brother and I were talking and the topic of the LCBO came up. “How exactly does it work?” he wondered. I gave him my layman’s knowledge. Imagine, if you will, that for every camera that comes into Ontario (he happens to work for a camera retailer so […]

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Is This The End Of The Line For The Prince of Wales Railway Bridge?

August 1, 2005 12:54 pm

I fear for the future of the Prince of Wales railway bridge that crosses the Ottawa River a mile upstream from Parliament Hill. You’ve probably seen and admired it many times, without knowing its name. Just a short walk from the new Canadian War Museum, the old railway bridge crosses […]

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The O-Train: Getting It Right the First Time

11:36 am

The City of Ottawa’s plan for an expanded 0-Train is being tackled in rather a piecemeal fashion. Eventually, trains will replace much of the bus service that clogs downtown streets at rush hour. Futuristic trains (aka Light Rail Transit — or LRT — vehicles) will glide from Bayview Station to […]

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A New Russia Emerges

June 1, 2005 9:57 am

Canada and Russia are kindred spirits. We share the coldest climates in the northern hemisphere, a multicultural population spread over vast landmasses, and regional governments that blame all their problems on a federal or central authority. In Canada, the provinces blame the feds, while in Russia, regional governments blame president […]

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Moscow’s Man in Ottawa: An Interview With Russian Ambassador to Canada Georiy Mamedov

9:37 am

OTTAWA LIFE MAGAZINE: The Russian government greatly helped our military by providing on very short notice two heavy-lift capacity Antonov cargo planes for the DART (Disaster Assistance Response Team) tsunami relief effort. We don’t have lift capacity. Can you comment on that? Georgiy Mamedov: What happened in South Asia was […]

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Are We Taking Too Many Pills?

9:11 am

More Canadians are taking prescription medicine than ever before. Many busy people believe in the don’t-think-twice, pop-it-in-your-mouth, “magic bullet” cure for all illness and disease. Total drug expenditures per Canadian were tallied at $681 in 2004 — up almost 8% from 2003, according to a report by the Canadian Institute […]

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Towards More Secure Borders: An Interview with Joe Volpe, Minister of Citizenship and Immigration

April 3, 2005 11:54 pm

When it comes to immigration policy, does Canada consider its national interest or humanitarian laws of paramount importance? For example, is it possible in our country to deport someone who is accused of crimes against humanity in another country? Joe Volpe: Our immigration policy is based on Canada’s interests — […]

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