5 most common forgotten wedding details during wedding planning

To brides and grooms, wedding planning can be a complete blur. For those of us who tend to see our ideas as realities, we sometimes forget the details behind them and run into problems later on down the road.

Take a look at these five forgotten wedding details:

1. Wedding Dress Alterations

It's probably common knowledge that alterations need to take place for your dress before the big day, but many people choose to ignore this aspect of their wedding. Suppose you're not happy with how well your clothes fit you. In that case, it should tell you something about the importance of letting a professional do this job for you instead of trying to hand sew or pin yourself into something that could potentially explode right in front of all your guests.

2. Bridesmaid Dresses

Don't forget to buy the dress for your bridal party, even if they've already got something in mind! This is another aspect of wedding planning that tends to get swept under the rug, but it's just as important as anything else you're doing to prepare for your special day. Take into account both style and cost when buying ideal bridesmaid dresses for your girls. Of course, the cute flower girl dresses would also be a part of the whole planning.

3. Favors For Your Guests

Favors are not only a nice gesture but also a source of income for many brides who sell them at their weddings or online afterward. With so much excitement surrounding the actual ceremony itself, don't let this element get overlooked or forgotten about! If you have favored, you can list them on sites like Etsy or eBay or even use something like the Buy Nothing Project to get rid of them.

4. Music At Your Wedding Reception

One of the biggest mistakes brides and grooms make is not leaving decisions about their wedding music until later on in the game. Of course, different styles will work for different situations, but don't wait until you've already got your friends singing karaoke at your reception to decide who's going to play the music during dinner time! Talk over song choices with your DJ well before you speak vows so everything can be perfect for your big day.

5. Married Names And Changing Them

With all this focus on planning out wedding days, it seems almost silly that people forget whether or not they're going to change their names. This, of course, is a personal choice, and one bride may want to keep her name while another wants to switch over completely. If you need help with this decision, don't hesitate to talk with your fiance about it.

Here are some tips on how to avoid forgetting important details while wedding planning:

Be Creative And Be Unique

It is suitable for couples getting married to have their unique style when preparing for their special day. This means being creative with the ceremony, which will give your guests something exciting and entertaining to remember. But aside from being creative with the tradition, couples must also be creative in other wedding details such as wedding favors and wedding cakes.

Be Realistic

Couples planning on getting married should have a budget first before shopping for items used on their big day. Sometimes, couples forget about this part since they're so busy looking at wedding articles online or in magazines, especially brides obsessed with finding the perfect dress for the special day. But whether you like it or not, if you don't have money to spend on your wedding equipment, then you can't buy them all even if they look perfectly fit for your big day! So make sure to be realistic when it comes down to creating your own "wish list" of wedding equipment.

Avoid Temptation

While browsing through the web or reading magazines, couples tend to see images of luxurious wedding articles that may cost an arm and leg. Still, there is no need to fantasize about them since this will only lead you to get overwhelmed with your wedding planning tasks. It would be best to avoid temptation by setting a realistic budget for all wedding articles purchased before starting any planning.

And while browsing online or looking at wedding pictures in magazines, never forget to bookmark sites or pages where photos of these items can be found so you can always go back and reference them when needed, so you don't have to spend more than necessary on finding these websites again.

Photo: OLM file photo