6 practical tips for planning and organizing events

For an event to be unique and memorable, all elements must play well with one another. Note that catering goes along with entertainment. A cocktail bar may provide a unique feel to improve this or even replace live forms of entertainment. Moreover, it is best to consider event rental services like Accel Rentals for complete assistance when it comes to event organization and planning on Maui or Oahu.

With this in mind, here are some preparation and planning tips and ideas that will turn your events into something spectacular and worth remembering.

Conceptualize and organize your ideas

Whether you have plans in mind or need motivation and creativity to move the event to the next stage, placing your thoughts or creative direction in one position is the first step. While this is of great help, there's no need to get too stylish. Think of events you've missed in the past, suggestions for a central theme, and some small touches you would like to incorporate. See how ideas start to accumulate.

Check your budget

It's essential to do some work on the expenses for core areas before you get carried away. These include venue rental, food, entertainment, and cocktails. You should determine the number of people attending as well as the actual cost per person. Because of these costs, you need to make an allotment for the budget and check on what is possible.


Make a checklist once you're focused on what you desire and what can be done within the budget. Be clear on specific details. You need to know the task at hand, when it needs to be completed, and who is responsible for it. This is a simple and easy way to

accomplish everything and ensure that you are prepared for the day.

Consider the venue

It may be time-consuming to look for an appropriate venue, but location and size are two very important factors that must be accomodated. Search for a place that will suit everyone without having any noticeable space or leaving your guests anywhere else. Whether it's a local hall or island, consider the site in terms of transportation as well. If you are organizing a wedding, consider finding a place that can work for both ceremony and reception.

Consider the catering

Catering is paid on a cost-per-head basis usually. Determining your budget will simplify this phase and make your choices clear. Remember the prices and the type of food that would suit your event style. Depending on the precise nature of the event, it's important to consider catering on private events — if a sit-down meal is appropriate for the occasion. Finding the space that the venue offers is essential. It may be possible to cook food on-site, or you might need to recruit caterers to prepare food off-site. Mobile caterers can provide bar equipment, catering, and food as well.

Check the type of drinks to be served

Wedding venues or caterers usually offer a limited range of drinks. Table wine may be included in a box or you can bring in your own wine and discuss the cost for corkage. There may be an established bar in your venue so check this in advance. Whether you are willing to offer free drinks or add a cash bar, try comparing the bar prices of the venue to a mobile bar. When you think the arrangements of the place do not suit your expectations or specifications, a mobile bar is an excellent way to cater to the diverse tastes of your visitors' preferences. Several mobile bars offer a package price, making it easy to monitor your spending and keep up with the schedule.

Evaluate these tips carefully and you will be able to have a fun and memorable experience to enjoy and remember, with a little creativity and luck.

Photo: fu zhichao, Pexels