• By: Allen Brown

8 Email marketing trends you can’t avoid in 2020

With billions of emails sent daily and billions of people opening these emails, email marketing is undoubtedly a big marketing trend. 99% of consumers use email every day, yes, you read that right, they use email every day.

Ranging from the best apps to making your email marketing campaign effective to picking the best email signature, all of it is important. But not at the cost of understanding the demands of the industry and the current email marketing trends.

Your content and the way you package your content are subject to the demands of the current marketing trends. So, with this in mind here are 8 email marketing trends you can’t avoid in 2020.

More personalization  

Personalization, personalization and more personalization. This is an email marketing trend that never gets old and is a staple. For starters, the simple inclusion of your client’s name can make them connect more with your brand.

Take this a step further and create market segments and send out targeted emails. Segmented and targeted efforts are personalized, which generates 58% of all revenue. Do what it takes, adopt automation but do not compromise on personalization, because this has become an integral part of successful email marketing campaigns.

Professional email signatures 

Email signatures are a great way for you to provide your client with an insight into your company without being preachy. Even a free email signature can bring the desired results of your email marketing efforts if used wisely.

Use the email signature as an opportunity to market your brand. Make sure your email signature is consistent with your branding image and voice within the email and across all other marketing efforts. Professional email signatures will make you look credible and give you the required insights to help improve your email marketing efforts.

Email marketing automation

Automation involves a trigger, so email marketing automation involves triggered or timed emails. Automating email marketing will allow companies to send promotional material at a schedule without wasting time.

Nurturing your prospects and customers is important to building and retaining your customer base. For example, if someone abandons a cart, email marketing automation to send this card to the customer could lead to a sale.

Email marketing automation is all about personalized experiences and boosting sales as it increases leads by 80% and conversion by 77%.

Optimization for mobile

61% of emails are opened on mobile devices and with the continuous increase in mobile phone usage numbers, this number will only grow. This means that your email marketing efforts have to be compatible with mobile devices.

More and more customers are opening emails, making purchases, and researching products on their mobile devices. As a result, much of the prospect and customer contact with brands is happening on a mobile device.

An email marketing campaign that is optimized for your mobile device and all other online material that is optimized for mobile devices will ensure your prospects and clients can engage with your brands at the comfort of their mobile devices.

In fact, optimization for mobile is key to make and boost sales.

Interactive email experience

An email marketing campaign needs to be designed with your prospects and clients in mind. If you want to delight your subscribers, include interactive experiences such as video, memes, and GIFs within your messages.

But before you do this make sure you have enough demographic information about your clients to share the type of interactive content that they want. For example, if you are an eCommerce store you can send out a quiz about things people would like to buy for a specific holiday.

This information can be used to send segmented and targeted emails in the future and increase your likelihood of sales.

Dark design

Dark design is when you make the background dark and make the foreground elements like text light. The dark mode is becoming increasingly popular because it is visually pleasing, reduces brightness and eye stress, and is more legible.

In the process, businesses can attract more attention to the content and increase the design responsiveness. While a dark design for everything might not be the answer, putting it in the design mix is certainly a must.

Dark design is gaining traction because it reduces eye strain and this is definitely a value proposition you want to provide your clients through your email marketing efforts.


Artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence or AI integrated into email marketing can optimize your overall email marketing campaign. AI in email marketing includes subject lines, personalization, automation, customization, and retargeting.

With AI you can find out the subject line that gains the most traction, the type of personalization your clients want, automate the time of email dispatch based on the engagement, customize your promotions based on customer patterns and retarget emails with low conversions.

Overall AI-enabled email marketing efforts provide the insights you need to build and grow your campaign. Integrating AI in your email marketing efforts can increase your return on investment and help you achieve your financial goals.

Less frequently

Given that millions of emails are sent out daily, customer inboxes are often bombarded with all sorts of emails. So, you do not want to add to this by sending emails meaninglessly.

Focusing on quality emails and sending less frequently will make you stand out because subscribers would like to get fewer emails from companies. On average companies send about 1 email per week to their prospects and customers but based on research companies send somewhere between 1 and 2 emails per week.

However, the sweet spot seems to be somewhere around less than 4 emails per month. So, less is more in the case of email marketing content. Limit your efforts to 1 email per week and engage less frequently but make sure these engagements are quality engagements.

Email marketing is here to stay but the technology trends and individual preferences change. In order to ensure your company continues to enjoy high conversion rates, make sure you are in sync with the changing times and trends. Keep these 8 email marketing trends in mind to succeed in your email marketing efforts in 2020 and stay tuned for continued updates on changing trends.