Are your keywords working? Here’s how to tell

Choosing the perfect keywords is an essential factor in your SEO strategy. Without the right words and phrases, you’ll find it almost impossible to rank highly on search engine ranking pages. So, picking the terms you believe are useful and then leaving them to their devices isn’t a smart move. Instead, you need to ensure they are working to get the maximum results out of your SEO plan. Monitoring keywords isn’t a walk in the park because it’s tough to quantify where they came from and why.

The following tools, however, should make you more aware of the effectiveness of your keywords.

An SEO Agency

The first port of call, if you have the money, is an SEO agency. With their help, there is no need for you to do any of the heavy lifting. At Ignite Digital, you get access to keyword analysis that starts by determining the best terms for your strategy and then gauges its impact. This ensures every word you use works best for your business. Of course, it’s essential to choose correctly, or else it’s a waste of money. Aside from the usual considerations, such as reviews and recommendations, you must search for a service that is keyword specific. Agencies that don’t have a solution that centers on keywords won’t have the expertise you require.

Tracking Mentions Software

Software that tracks mentions alerts you when a company or individual has mentioned your brand. How is this relevant to your SEO strategy? Firstly, getting mentions is down to your digital presence, which focuses on keywords to boost your profile on SERPs. Secondly, you can set up monitoring of your keywords, too. With these notifications alerting you any time your company and key phrases are mentioned, you can analyze whether you need to change them or keep them the same.

Ranking Checkers

Thankfully, there’s no need to read between the lines and hope that your keywords are on point. Today, software developers grant pretty much anyone access to ranking checkers. These tools take your terms and phrases and give them a score out of five or ten. The higher the value, the more useful it is for your SEO strategy. There are dozens of explorers and planners and checkers to name in one post, so you can use Back Linko instead. Their post lists fifteen of the best ranking tools on the market right now.

A/B Testing

A/B testing is the process of changing one thing on your website and leaving everything else the same. By doing this, you can work out whether the feature you have changed is the reason for a high bounce rate or lack of brand awareness. As well as choosing one variable to alter, you also need to have a goal in mind, or else it’s a pointless test. Still, if you do it right, you will gain insight into effective keywords and the ones that need tweaking. HubSpot has advice if you’re unsure of how to carry out A/B testing.

The vital question is — are your keywords working?

Photo: Pixabay