Assisting your recovery from illness and injury

Recovery after a long period of illness or injury can seem like a daunting task. Being able to read your previous health and fitness can seem like a hard task but the ultimate goal of reclaiming your life once more makes all the effort and sacrifice worth it.

That doesn't mean to say you can't make things easier for yourself to aid faster recovery times.

At Home Equipment

It may be worth investing in some equipment to help you adjust to your life especially after a long stay in a hospital or a rehabilitation centre. Looking into hospital bed rentals for short term or renting gym equipment to aid physical recovery can allow you to be supported while recovering.

Stairlifts can assist with moving in between levels in your home and mobility scooters or powered chairs can help you to get out and about without putting too much pressure on yourself.

Supporting Aids

Installing aids around your home to help with mobility while you regain your strength will be useful for day to day activities. Commodes can remove the need to visit the bathroom if you are struggling with long distances, rails along walls or handles in door frames or next to steps along with ramps to make access to different levels easier.

Walking sticks, sit to stand chairs and adjustable beds will also benefit you and reduce strain on your body while you recover.

Diet, Exercise and Rest

It is important to not underestimate the importance of looking after your body by eating well, moving correctly and resting. Follow guidance from your physicians, occupational therapists or physiotherapists when it comes to required movement or exercises to help you regain your fitness. Add to this a varied and balanced diet to help your body become stronger will have a massive boost on your recovery times and make you feel better too. The same goes for sleep. Our bodies repair and rejuvenate when we sleep so making sure you are able to get enough sleep consistently will allow your body the best chance to recover and recuperate.

Reduce Expectations

Pushing yourself too hard or expecting too much from yourself too soon will only serve to hamper your efforts at recovering. It is vital you reduce your expectations and allow yourself to build up slowly to pre-illness or injury fitness and skill levels.

Being able to allow yourself to start from the beginning without dwelling on what was will allow you to focus on the here and now and take the steps required at the right pace for yourself without forcing too much. Follow guidance from your medical experts to enhance your recovery efforts and discuss any concerns with them that you are having with regards to your physical and mental wellbeing and recovery.

Accept Help

We all need help in our lives and being able to accept help when you need it will give you a boost for your recovery and allow you to focus on what matters by letting others assist you until you have regained your strength, fitness levels and physical abilities.

Photo: Pexels CC0 License