• By: Allen Brown

Building your personal resilience in life

Life can be tough. Most people, even those who are relatively fortunate in their circumstances, will be able to admit that. Yet like the great Bruce Lee once said – it’s best not to ask for a lighter load, but for broader shoulders. Metaphorically, this means giving yourself the resilience necessary to make it through life’s troubles with your head held high, even if you’re in very difficult circumstances.

Of course, it can be hard to achieve this just because we want to. It’s a great idea to think about how to build your personal resilience in life – especially if you’re going through a tough period, because this can give you the impetus needed to retain your daily wellbeing.

But it’s quite useless to give the advice ‘you should be more resilient’ without giving practical steps for achieving that. In this post, we intend to do that. One thing to keep in mind beforehand, however, is that you’re probably more resilient than you know. Understanding that can help you give yourself the proper credit you deserve.

Don’t Be Afraid To Draw Strength From Those Around You

No person is an island, and it’s important to remember that when we’re faced with new and scary outcomes. For instance, it might be that you lose your job, or that you find yourself newly single after a tough relationship break. Spending time with your family and friends as you seek to rebuild can help remind you of what’s important, and that you can always step back up to face another day, no matter how hard the previous one may have been.

Keep Your Head Held High

It’s important to keep your head held high, both figuratively and physically. The former will allow you to keep yourself ready for anything, and willing to take on difficulty and responsibility if it helps you counter a problem you’re facing. The latter physical effort of strengthening and correcting your posture can help you feel, on an experiential level, that you are capable and confident. Our body language can reinforce our mood, and so instead of shrinking up in fear, standing up in confidence as a shorthand for feeling that way can actually work. Over time, this can make a tremendous difference.

Finding The Aid You Need

You may be surprised as to how many provisions are out there to aid you in a new normal, be that through a community group, or even equipment and devices geared to help you. For instance, visiting a community support group discussing bereavement can be a tremendous aid and help you socialize at a time when you just want to hide away. Taking a proactive approach to treatment, such as understanding the consequences of hearing loss and how to adapt to a new normal in a manner that preserves your quality of life is also a wonderful idea. With the necessary approach like that, you’re sure to prosper.

With this advice, you’re certain to build your personal resilience in life.

Photo: Marcus Aurelius, Pexels