Canadian Tech Sector Trends

After the massive disruptions caused by the current pandemic, Canadian companies have been looking for ways to get back on course and, more importantly, build for the future. The past few months have poked lots of holes in long-standing norms about how businesses operate as well as how people live.

Many companies and businesses have looked at their respective operations and saw radically new customer needs, untrustworthy information and fragile supply chains. Those that have utilized some of the emerging technologies to solve these problems have already become successful ones.

While it will be tempting for businesses to retreat to what they know, the current situation has brought the need for a special path to light. If companies continue to have a sharp focus as well as a clear-eyed perspective on the tech sector trends, they can be not only masters of change but also new leaders.

Whether it is online crash gambling, betting or any other sector, the tech trends are vital in terms of growth. Below are the top Canadian tech sector trends that you need to know.

Mobile Business Applications

Many Canadians are planning to adopt mobile business apps, and this makes sense. Currently, almost every Canadian is spending more time on their favourite mobile devices, and remote work and gaming have become mainstream these days.

Businesses and companies currently use mobile business applications for everything from project management to marketing and communication. Mobile password manager applications and authentication apps have also become vital tools as companies look for different and unique ways to secure a remote workforce.

Mobile applications make businesses and companies of all sizes accessible by providing a secure and direct channel for promotions, customer service and purchases. Also, they help businesses grow brand awareness and enhance customer engagement. Most importantly, mobile business applications are a source of first-hand data that powers digital marketing strategies and analytics. Each interaction that a customer makes with a mobile application can be used to determine preferences and behaviours required to improve services and personalise communications.

To get started, a company needs to carefully consider the needs and requirements of its mobile workforce when adopting any new software. A company must ensure that its mobile applications provide the security, functionality, and utility that employees and customers need when away from their laptops and desktops.

Digital Marketing

A wide range of companies in Canada is planning to start using digital marketing in 2021. Digital marketing is made up of all online marketing tactics, from social media advertising to search marketing. And while it has never been vital, digital marketing has never been complicated.

The current pandemic has accelerated digital enterprise transformation and made marketing an important strategy as almost all transactions have shifted online. And at the same time, the sector is in flux as marketers adjust to data privacy practices while trying their best to appeal to ever classier internet users.

Being new to the world of digital marketing might provide you with a competitive advantage over the businesses that are currently switching gears to adapt to marketing's new normal. Many Canadian companies are starting to focus on first-hand data to understand their customers better when it comes to what they are looking for online. Also, they strongly consider their strategies for email, search and social marketing.

Artificial Intelligence

No longer limited to huge businesses with massive budgets, Artificial Intelligence technology is currently being deployed by small enterprises. Open source platforms like Google's TensorFlow and cloud-based AI services have democratized sophisticated Artificial Intelligence tools.

Also, Artificial Intelligence is increasingly being embedded in the mobile apps and software that many small enterprises use each day, from automated customer care service tools like chatbots to enhanced lead generation in CRM software. Most critically, the role of Artificial Intelligence in data analysis is significantly changing how enterprise owners make decisions.

Final Thoughts

By far, the top three factors that trigger investment in emerging technological trends are competitive pressures, outgrowing current tech and productivity. All these three triggers align with top tech trends in Canada. Crypto gambling in Canada is one of the top industries that are taking advantage of these tech trends.

Photo: ThisisEngineering RAEng