Canadians spend way more time online since the pandemic

It is becoming very clear that the pandemic has changed many of our habits. One of them is our time spent online. More than 90 percent of young Canadiens state they have used more time online since the pandemic. But what kind of online activities do we prefer and are they here to stay?

It is going to be difficult to predict whether or not our pandemic habits will last through this pandemic. Many experts indicate that many of these habits could be here to stay. One of them is the significant increase in time spent online. A large number of Canadians state that they use more time online now than before the pandemic.

Online Work and School

During the lockdown most people were required to do all of their work or school from home. This is of course a contributing factor to why people spend more time online. A majority of the day is spent during online classes or remote work. It became clear that while some felt like this was a great way of working, others had severe problems working remotely. Statistics show both employers and employees in general have become aware of the perks of remote work.

Gaming and Online Games

Statistics clearly show the use of online games and other types of entertainment purposes. The amount of time used on online games and gaming in general has gone up with a great percentage. This is not only in Canada, but all over the world. People needed something to entertain themselves and many found the joys of gaming.

Online games such as multiplayer action games and casino games have become much more popular. Perhaps as a way to connect with others and feel the thrill of the real world. Lockdown didn’t provide much thrill, so it makes sense that people went online to get a taste of this. Casino games are indeed something that can make you feel a sting of excitement. The most popular online casinos are gathered in a guide on Here Canadians can find some of the best online casinos in the industry and be guaranteed reliability.

Online Shopping

One of the things that the pandemic has shown us is the convenience of shopping online. Statistics clearly show an increase in online shopping. This is everything from clothes to groceries. In the beginning, this was of course of need, but it seems like many people have realized how quick and easy it is to shop online. Also, companies have used this time to evolve and many businesses have revolutionized the way we shop.

All in all, there’s a general increase in the use of internet-based activities whether that be shopping, gaming, or working. There’s no way of knowing whether or not this will stick. But as our society gets more and more digitized, people continue seek the internet to fulfill many of their needs. So, these statistics will probably just keep going one way.