Entering Bodybuilding Competitions: 4 Tips

The art of bodybuilding has been around for centuries and is used as a way to represent the perfect physique. Originating from the Greeks, bodybuilding was considered a noble deed  which is necessary for every man who wants to exercise his body and pursue the perfect physique. The first American physique contest took place in 1903 in New York. Although bodybuilding requires sheer determination and long-term endurance, there are some tips to help those who are looking to pursue bodybuilding as a hobby or as a profession.

1. Nurture your Body

The first tip for anyone who’s a beginner in bodybuilding is knowing the right kind of nutrition to take. Proteins build muscle so every bodybuilder has to eat a certain amount of protein and the amount depends on the target. Diet is an important aspect of bodybuilding, which not only helps gain muscle density, but also ensures overall wellbeing. The human body needs macronutrients, so it is necessary to consume fruits and vegetables to avoid any kind of nutrient deficiency. A natural and sufficient meal is the very first step towards a healthier and more powerful physique – and what’s even better, this step can also be pleasant.

2. Stick to the Science

The second tip is taking supplements – a life-hack well-known among professional athletes. The supplement can be protein powder or any protein extract, and over the past few years there has also been an increase in the use of anabolic steroids as a supplement and muscle building aid.

The way that the steroid works is that it stimulates the muscles to grow as a response to exercise such as lifting weights and it does so by replicating the effect of naturally produced testosterone in the body. It may sound like rocket science, but when searching for steroids Canada is not actually that different to any other country, as there are numerous websites that offer free advice, with anecdotal information about how they work, the science behind them and how your body may react when using them.

3. Lift weights to target specific muscle group

Rely more on free weight training rather than fixed machine movements. The reason is that free weights allow a variety of motion and that ultimately helps to build more muscle. You can also elevate your technique and try compound movements, the type of muscle load that targets more than one muscle group. These include exercises like the deadlift and the squat. Another tip is to learn the correct form before trying out a new exercise, this is very crucial because if weight is lifted with a faulty form it may result in injury or tearing of muscle tissue.

4. Be kind to yourself

Like any big and time-consuming initiative, improving your physique takes a lot of effort – and there’s also always a chance of failing. Take your time and try not to pressure yourself too much.

Increase weights gradually, avoid excessive exercise and always check how your body responds to different fitness techniques. Many rookie bodybuilders make the mistake of lifting more and more weights, while they still haven’t gotten familiar with the lighter ones. Remember that you don’t have to work out every day, workouts should be 3-5 days per week and 2 days rest for recovery of muscles. And the last tip – get lots of sleep, an 8-9 hours of sleep daily is essential for muscle repair and growth.

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