How Online Gaming Mindsets Help People Thrive at Work

Workplaces all around the world are becoming evermore competitive and high paced places to be, as the pressure to increase profits and make gains on rival companies goes on unabated. The same goes for entrepreneurs, who are always on the lookout for the next big idea or breakthrough.

This can often lead to many firms forcing their workforces to do hours of training courses, many of which are enough to send some people into a deep sleep.

However, mindset training need not be this way because there are a whole host of practical exercises workers can do wherever they are which can help them develop mindset techniques that will boost their performance.

One of these exercises is that of engaging with online games, many of which start out as forms of light entertainment but soon become something more, as their gameplay dynamics encourage positive mindset habits and practices amongst the people who play them.

Here are just some of the games and the positive mindset approaches they extol, which can easily be transferred over into offices and workspaces up and down the land.

Changing your approach to a regular task or a long-held mindset is often difficult, but there is increasing evidence that online games can help do it

Classic Games Encourage Forward Thinking and Strategy

One sub-set of online games which have been steadily gaining traction in recent years are classic games, which come in the form of things like chess, casino table games, and backgammon. The popularity of all these games has risen due to the fact that they have been reimagined many times over via online gaming providers and mobile app developers.

Their longevity is also due to them being impossible to completely master, meaning players are on a constant search to better themselves, a mindset technique which is as valuable as any other whether at work or at play. Then there are the tactical nuances and probabilities that players of such games are required to consider. Chess is all about players thinking as far ahead of their opponents as possible so as to outmaneuver them, whereas online casino blackjack often requires players to calculate probabilities as they play in real time. Meanwhile backgammon players need a mixture of these skills, to play with a well-balanced mindset.

There are now many mobile brain training games which are the perfect antidotes for stale and static mindsets in need of major overhauls

Brain Trainers Perfect for Mobile Gaming

While most online games are built primarily for entertainment purposes rather than sharpening the brain functions of their players, there are others which go out of their way to ensure that players get a full cerebral workout.

These come in the form of mobile friendly brain training games and apps such as Dr Kawashima's Brain Training, Elevate, and Peak. The great thing about these is that while thoroughly educational in essence, everything they do is based on some aspect of gamification, meaning that mindset training never becomes boring or monotonous.

Online Multiplayer Games Encourage Teamwork

Another aspect of contemporary online gameplay, that is incredibly useful for boosting workplace performance, is the multiplayer option that most popular gaming titles now include as part of their package.

This is most prevalent when it comes to RPG and battle royale titles, where people from all over the world come together in an effort to outplay other teams of strangers. In effect, this is the same as the sort of cringe worthy team building exercises that take place in offices all over the planet on a daily basis, just without all the awkward silences and forced laughter.

Being able to make an instant connection with fellow online gamers can help a player then do exactly the same at work, so that their team can dominate in the boardroom every bit as well as they would do out on the online battle fields of games like Call of Duty and League of Legends.

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