How to plan your hunting trip to Canada

The Great White North is a paradise for those that love the outdoors. There are miles and miles of unspoiled nature just about everywhere you go. Every province has its big city but almost as soon as you leave the city limits, you are out in the wild where you’ll find forests, lakes, rivers and mountains.

The best part is that all of this wilderness makes it an ideal vacation spot for hunters. From Ottawa to British Columbia, there is a wilderness full of game just waiting for you.

Every year thousands of Americans come to Canada to hunt so there is a very well oiled machine with an infrastructure ready for you to get the most out of your trip.

In this article, I will go over several things you should do when planning your trip to Canada for the hunt of a lifetime.

Crossing the border

Getting into Canada is very easy for an American as you don’t need a visa to enter. Whether you are driving across or flying, you just need a passport and a clean criminal record.

If you are driving, you don’t need an appointment, but you might want to check the border crossing times online so you can decide which point will be faster and less of a hassle to cross.

If you plan to bring your own firearms, or plan to use a Bowie knife or other weapons when you are hunting, then you will need to declare them when you arrive at the border security. There is a permit application that can be filled out beforehand but don’t sign it until you are in the presence of a Border officer.

It is an easy process as there is already quite a big tourism industry centered around hunting so they know how to handle things.

Find an outfitter

You may be a very well seasoned hunter, but in another country with different laws, fauna and flora, you will do well to be professionally outfitted to make sure you maximize your time.

At a minimum you’ll need to buy tags for the game you plan to hunt and have to go through an outfitter to get them anyway. You can also book one in advance to take care of all of your needs from helping with paperwork to setting up your lodging.

An outfitter will also give you a local guide that knows the area well and can get you on the game much more efficiently. If you are going for waterfowl, they will supply the decoys. If you are out for deer or other big game, then you can use their stands.

That means more time on the hunt and less time doing all the little details on your own. At night, spend some time visiting free slots Canada.

Processing your game

You are allowed to take your trophy back to the US and all of the meat you harvested. Wherever you hunt, there is likely to be a processor nearby that will take care of dressing and bagging your game to bring it back with you.

Otherwise, if you have an outfitter you’ve hired, they can take care of it for you. They can also take care of the permits required to bring the meat back over the border.

Photo by Sergey Pesterev, Unsplash