How will the NHL end its 2019/20 season?

The NHL is currently at a standstill. Many predicaments lie ahead, but the one thing that all fans want to know is how will the NHL end its 2019/20 season?

Truth be told, this probably doesn’t matter too much to the Ottawa Senators, they are currently in 30th position and heading towards having a very high draft pick in the summer.

The regular season appears to have been washed out completely, but the playoffs are a possibility in a number of different ways. It would be great to see hockey return, if it was safe to do so of course.

It also opens up the doors for having hockey at a very unseasonal time of year, which would be strange but a great chance for fans.

Will the Playoffs be Played?

The hope is that they will, although there is no certainty here. However, the league decides to do it, if the playoffs are to be played then they have to somehow end the regular season using the standings we have right now.

We all want to see hockey, from those that attend the arena to those watching around the world and people who bet on the NHL. Alongside other US sports, the NHL is a popular league for betting with games usually taking place on most nights.

This continuous feed of games has helped the league grow in popularity all over the world with punters who bet on a daily basis. The UK has a strong betting market, and here The Bookies Offers have  reviewed all the popular betting sites in UK for those looking to get involved.

For the sake of everyone, from local fans attending to those placing bets from the UK, it would be fantastic to see the NHL playoffs take place.

How Can the Playoffs be Played?

Those looking to have a bet on games will be intrigued to find out how the playoffs can be played, especially if time is limited.

A full version of the playoffs as normal would be the ideal scenario, with the same number of teams competing and ties remaining as a best of seven series.

If that cannot happen, smaller series’ may be considered, either for the duration of the playoffs or for the first couple of rounds to cut down the playing time needed.

Something more drastic may be to cut a round out and limit the number of teams taking part to a smaller number than usual.

This could hurt teams in the pocket if limits are imposed on games or worse the number of teams in the playoffs, but if it is the only possible scenario then this may have to happen.

Will the 2020/21 Season be Affected?

The hope is that it won’t, and by the time we get to September the virus will be under control enough to begin pre-season and build towards the new campaign in October.

Should the playoffs be played in the middle of summer, which is one consideration at the moment then we may see the start of the 2020/21 season delayed.

This won’t be ideal and would make the schedule for next season much tougher on the players. With the position that the Ottawa Senators are in, planning has already started for next season to a certain degree.

However, these are of course unprecedented times that we are in and that may need drastic measures to ensure a proper end to this season and a full campaign next season.

All eyes will be on the NHL, NBA and other leagues to see what they decide between themselves is the best way forward over the coming weeks and months, as hopefully things get better.

Photo: courtesy NHLI via Getty images Andre Ringuette