Look for Cheapest Holiday Destinations and teach English abroad

With the long sunny days of summer here, and school about to break up for a few weeks, now is absolutely the best time to start thinking about getting away from it all.

Luckily, many borders have begun to open up again, providing a fantastic range of travel options for any would-be traveler. Although package deals may seem like the way to go, the truth is that going solo and doing a DIY vacation can often end up much cheaper, if done the correct way.

Of course, making the right decisions can depend upon a number of factors such as the cost of flights, weather, food, tourist sights, and perhaps most importantly, cost. With inflation raging these days, finding ways to stay in budget while still having a good time is more challenging than ever.

Fortunately, there is a solution that allows for both cheap travel and keeping some money back for those travel delights. Working as a TEFL (or Teaching English as a Foreign Language) teacher provides the financial means to pay for those vacation pleasures, along with the flexibility to make the most of the time on tour. Below are just four of the many places where a TEFL teacher can really make their mark nowadays.


Located at the Eastern edge of the Asian continent, right by the Pacific Ocean, Taiwan is a real up-and-comer in the TEFL world. A clear and detailed teach English in Taiwan programme would be a great first place to start, allowing any would-be TEFL tutor the chance to learn the ropes from a friendly and experienced team, who have all the know how necessary to help the new TEFL recruit hit the ground running.

Beyond this, Taiwan has a highly developed infrastructure, making the transition into Taiwanese life plain sailing. It is easy to get around by public transport, and communication with friends and family back home is made easier by the high quality of cellular and mobile connection across the island. Not to mention, there are so many things to see and do, all at an affordable price.


For those seeking a holiday with a truly distinctive flavour, Mexico is the place to go. Whether interested in going to see an Aztec ruin, or lazing by the beach in Yucatan, Mexico has something to offer every kind of tourist.

As for the budding TEFL tutor, Mexico has a large base of English learners, from childhood all the way up to adults. In schools, English language learning is a highly prized commodity, with international communications becoming ever more important in this digital era.

To teach adults, most big cities now have a huge focus on ensuring that their staff are fluent and comfortable in English, providing a handy niche for a TEFL instructor to make their mark. This is especially true in sectors like tourism and hospitality, with large numbers of foreign visitors giving a strong need for employees to be able to speak and listen clearly in English.

On top of all that, Mexico is also a nation that knows how to fiesta and siesta, with the party atmosphere being second to none, especially around important national holidays such as Dia De Los Muertos (or Day of the Dead, as it is more commonly known in English). This, combined with the natural balance between work and play that comes so naturally to Mexicans, makes this a great spot for making special vacation memories with loved ones.


Positioned at the pivot point of Europe, Africa, and Asia, Turkey offers a truly multicultural lens from which to view the modern world. Naturally, one immediately thinks about Istanbul, with the Hagia Sophia known across the globe, and the mighty Bosphorus river dividing the European and Asian halves of this vast city.

Yet, there is so much more to Turkey than this metropolis, such as the capital city, Ankara. Though a little more traditional than Istanbul, Ankara offers an ideal chance to see a more Asian style of city, and some hidden gems too, for instance visiting an old style souq (or market, in English) or smaller scale mosque, observing and respecting local customs all the while.

In the TEFL world, Turkey has all the hallmarks of being a country where English language learning will be in demand for a long time. As a nation that regularly trades with others across a trio of continents, it has a huge appetite for continuing to learn English to make trading as smooth and seamless and possible.

Beyond that, there a plethora of coastal towns and cities, with a huge base of hotels and restaurants, that are optimal for getting a wonderful vacation experience without breaking the bank. As if all that was not enough, there are also hot air balloon rides that can be enjoyed year round, depending on weather conditions, that are way less expensive than back home.


As the largest country by size in the whole of South America, Brazil has a massive influence on the activities around them, and large capacity to grow as a TEFL learning nation. In fact, recent years have seen Brazil grow more and more accustomed to prioritising TEFL education in many state programs, as it seen as a gateway language to contact with the rest of the world.

Around Brazil, there are so many magical tourism experiences just waiting to be enjoyed by pretty much anyone, from the spectacular Amazon rainforest, to the Copacabana beach, all the way to the majestic Christ the Redeemer statue sitting atop Sugarloaf Mountain. These sights are breathtaking, and are simply not to be missed.

Recently, Brazil has become well-known for the number of workers who are looking to emigrate to English-speaking nations, especially in professions such as nursing. These medical professionals are actively seeking way to make a positive difference to the lives of others across the globe, and learning the English language is the mechanism that will enable them to do their best work where they are needed.

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