• By: Allen Brown

Making your move across the border a permanent one: five important considerations

Moving from Canada to the United States is an enormous decision to make. Looking on a map or a globe though, the fact that they border one another makes the enormity of the move seem less so. Before you say a definitive YES, check out these five important considerations.

  1. What are you leaving behind?

A move from Ottawa to New York is just over three hundred miles, so it might not seem like an enormous jump. However, moving all the way from Ottawa to Seattle takes you over two and a half thousand miles. Depending on where you plan to move to, you need to consider who and what you would be leaving behind. If you have elderly relatives, would you still be able to see them regularly enough? Consider transport links between your desired location and the place you currently call home. Also, you should think about how expensive this would be. A stable career is another thing that you may risk losing. It is vital to weigh up your options before making a permanent decision.

  1. Work

Sorting out your work situation prior to finalizing a move is imperative. Arriving in a new country and not knowing when your first pay cheque will be coming in simply adds to the stress you will already undoubtedly be feeling. Employment sponsorship is one option. This means that an employer you have found would sponsor you, thus leaving you free to live and work in the United States. If you are a business owner who is hoping to relocate or set up a business alongside your move, there are two essential things you will require: a business visa and an investor green card. Moving to the USA is not easy, so if in doubt about any of these requirements, speak to an expert about that prior to making any major decisions.

  1. Where will you live?

First of all, you really ought to think about the area of the United States in which you’d like to live. There are so many states to choose from. It all depends on your motivation for moving. Are you hoping to move somewhere with a better climate, somewhere with a slower pace of life or perhaps somewhere closer to friends? Once you have narrowed it down, we advise visiting there and seeing the different neighbourhoods. The precise area you move to will impact on the price you pay in rent or mortgage each month. Not only that, but the cost of insurance will also differ. The cost of living can vary vastly depending on where you relocate to as well.

Consider also the type of home you would like to live in. Are there any must-haves? Are any of those negotiable at all? Falling in love with a property you have only seen online can be risky. Photographs can hide a multitude of sins or simply ignore them altogether. It is advisable to look around a selection of houses prior to putting down a deposit. If you are certain that your move to the USA is going to be a permanent one, you may wish to buy a house rather than renting. However, a short-term let might be your best option as this will allow you a longer period to find your dream property. Furthermore, if you live in the area you intend to buy, you may also discover what it is really like living there. You could change your mind based on this rental period. Whatever you decide to do, do not do so on a whim.

  1. Health care

If the unthinkable were to happen and you or one of your family members became ill or was involved in an accident, not having health insurance could have disastrous consequences, as severe as the health issue itself. Hospital treatment is pricey, and there is no universal entitlement to care unless there are exceptional circumstances. Sorting your health insurance must be a priority upon moving from Canada to the USA. You cannot afford to be ill without it as the health care system differs so vastly. There are plans out there especially aimed at immigrants. There is also to option to purchase a temporary policy, which would allow you time to settle and become accustomed to your new way of life.

  1. The actual move

Finding a trustworthy removals company is imperative and the crossing into another country can add another complication. Speak to family members and friends for their recommendations. Always look at a firm’s credentials and testimonials online too. Whether your belongings include rare valuables or not, it is essential to ensure that you insure. If the removals vehicles were to be involved in an accident or something got broken or went missing during transit, having sufficient cover is a must.