Moving to Ottawa — 3 ways every newcomer can meet new people

According to Mercer, Ottawa has the second highest quality of living of any large cities in the Americas and ranks 14th across the globe. It is a vibrant city with plenty of stunning architectural structures, tourist hotspots, and a bustling downtown just to name a few.

There are plenty of reasons to relocate to Ottawa such as having an excellent transport system, beautiful scenery, and plenty of places to explore. So if you’re new in town, here are 3 ways every newcomer can meet new people.

Joining The Dating Scene

Online dating is a great way to meet new people in Ottawa. As the city’s population is diverse, going out on a date is an exciting prospect. You can start by using local dating apps to get to know other singles in the city. And if you both agree to meet, there are parks to visit where you can bring your chairs and sit a few meters apart while still having a pleasant conversation. So, even if there is still social distancing in place due to the ongoing pandemic, dating in public is still possible if you follow the rules.

Join A Group

Meeting new people and making friends can also be done by joining groups in Ottawa. Most newcomers join such groups to get to know others in their local area and build friendships along the way. It is understandable that you will want to bring someone with you during the group meets, but it is best if you come alone. This way, others will not be hesitant to approach you.

Find A Hobby

Newcomers looking to make friends can do so by finding a hobby and joining a local group. There are plenty of activities that can be done online and in town, such as joining board game activities, playing sports, and reading books. Ask the locals if any events are ideal for newcomers. If you are still shy about approaching others, search for local online groups on Facebook. Whether you want to play sports, join a book club, or meet fellow geeks, there is always something new to enjoy and get acquainted with the locals.

Explore Something You Love

Another way that you can meet other Ottawa residents is to simply do what you love. If you want to take photos of nature, find inspiration, and explore the town. If you are an artist, bring out your kit and find the perfect spot for inspiration. People who have the same interests as you will most likely spot you and even strike up a conversation.

As a newcomer to Ottawa, you may experience an array of mixed feelings. However, many of the local citizens were once in your shoes. Explore the town and make new friends by opening up and meeting others through finding hobbies, joining groups, online dating, and just doing what they love to do. You too can expand your circle of friends through these steps.

Photo: Alesia Kazantceva Unsplash