Must Visit Tourist Resorts in South Africa

ABOVE: Looking at the scenery, it’s no wonder tourists flock to South Africa. (Photo by kylefromthenorth, Unsplash)

South Africa is a country that is famed for being a remarkable destination for tourists from all around the globe, and that’s backed up by the number of people that visit it annually. According to statistics by World Data, there were 14.8 million tourists who visited rainbow nation in 2019. This amounted to just under R16 billion being spent in the country, which made up 2.3% of the entire GDP that year.

No wonder then, that the tourism industry is seen as being so important to South Africa, and that there’s such significance placed on trying to make the country as welcoming as possible. One way that it achieves this is by having some incredible luxury resorts dotted across its remarkable landscapes, which really illuminate some of the best ways to have fun in South Africa, by bringing a wide range of these activities altogether into one place.

Let’s take a look at three of the best luxury resorts, and showcase exactly why they’re continuing to bring in big tourism business to the nation.

The Twelve Apostles Hotel

Named after the incredible mountain ridge that flanks this resort, The Twelve Apostles Hotel is a wonderful place for those seeking the magic of Cape Town, whilst also being indulged by the full five-star experience, as it’s located just four kilometres from the city’s suburbs.

The hotel isn’t just for urban dwellers though, as it’s situated above the Atlantic Ocean, and also has the marvellous Table Mountain in its sights, gifting its patrons a breathtaking view of the stunning natural scenery that South Africa is so renowned for.

Due to its spellbinding location, the resort makes a great base for those who want to explore the many winding trails that surround its grounds, and then afterwards return to the award-winning Sanctuary Spa, so that they can be pampered into heaven.

The Boardwalk Hotel & Spa

Located in Port Elizabeth, on the Eastern Cape, The Boardwalk Hotel & Spa gifts five-star scenic accommodation that’s located a stone’s throw from the golden, sandy shores of many beautiful beaches. Overlooking the Indian Ocean, the hotel has each of its 140 rooms facing out towards the magnificent blue waters, meaning guests always wake up with a gorgeous view of the ocean. Even though the outer architecture is designed to recreate Victorian-era splendour, every room comes loaded with modern features.

Guests are spoilt for choice too, when it comes to entertainment on-site, as the resort is loaded with things to do. There are two pools, one indoor and one outdoor, an amazing spa that offers everything needed for relaxed bliss, a full fitness centre complete with a gym, tantalising bars and restaurants, and even The Boardwalk Casino, for those who want to try their luck.

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Nambiti Plains Private Game Lodge

A massive attraction for tourism in South Africa is people getting to witness all the wondrous animals that reside here. The Nambiti Plains Private Game Lodge supplies those who are fortunate enough to stay there, with their own personal African safari. It’s located just a few-hour drive from the city of Durban.

They call themselves the ‘unpretentious five-star experience’, and that’s because they manage to balance the line between making their guests completely comfortable with lovely amenities, whilst also submerging them in the wilderness. Just some of the animals that wander their private plains include; lions, zebra, hippos, elephants, cheetahs and ostriches.

After spending all day wandering around the safari resort, getting their fill of the astounding animals on show, guests can then trek back to their own privatised lodge, and take a nourishing dip in the beautiful bath that sits in front of huge glass windows. If any of the guests ever need anything, there’s also on-site staff that will help however they can, which perfectly encapsulates South Africa’s friendliness.