Not Like the Others: Weekend Destinations of Ivy League Students

Going to college can be stressful, the need to perform and make the most out of the opportunity can be very real for a lot of students. The standards and the competition with other students can become very all-encompassing, especially for students who want to go on and achieve great things in their chosen field. A study by Harvard Medical School in 2018 reported that high rates of stress events, mental health diagnoses, and suicide risks or suicidal thoughts were reported among all students surveyed for the study.[1]

This betrays the deep roots of stress that can take hold of college campuses. Ivy league students are worse of than many, with stringent requirements and tough competition egging them on to perform better and better. While college is important, managing stress during this highly impactful time is also a good idea; research shows that taking a vacation and travelling can reduce stress, and improve things like creative thought.[2]

Las Vegas Nevada

For Ivy League students looking for a weekend destination to help alleviate their stress, there area  few good options that fall within a college student's budget. If you're looking for a place to go and relax for a weekend to help get your brain back on track, these weekend destinations are perfect for you. These destinations are accessible, fun, and have plenty of accommodations for Ivy League students looking to kick back at a weekend destination that is not like the others.

The first place students will want to check out may seem like a bit of a stark contrast for Ivy League students. CBS reported in 2014 that Las Vegas Nevada was a perfect destination for students looking to get away for a weekend. The casinos are open 24/7 and the various nightclubs and bars around the city are constantly buzzing until well past 5am.[3]

South Padre Island

Another great destination for Ivy League students is South Padre Island in Texas. Located on a thin strip of land at the southern tip of Texas, this island is another hugely popular vacation spot for college-aged students. Far from being just a party destination, South Padre Island also has great things like horseback riding.[4]

Cape Cod

Cape Cod is a great destination if you're looking for something a little different than the typical spring-break destinations. There are a wide range of great shops and fish markets here where you can get a taste of the day's catch, or you can check out the Heritage Museums & Gardens to give a more high-class feel to your Ivy League vacation.[5] Cape Cod is perfect for those Ivy League students who want a weekend destination that isn't just another party town.

Miami Beach

Of course, the classic destination of Miami Beach, Florida is always a good option. The tropical climate makes you feel like you're visiting somewhere much more exotic, with the thriving nightlife typical of US Ivy League weekend destinations. During spring break, thousands of students descend upon South Beach to enjoy the various pool parties and warm ocean waters before going bar hopping and partying after dark.[6]

Cancun Mexico

If you're looking for something a little more removed from your typical Ivy League weekend destinations, then Cancun Mexico might be the exact exotic experience you've been searching for. With long stretches of beach, warm waters, and a lively nightlife, Cancun is one of the top destinations for spring break party goers and Ivy League weekend warriors alike. There are even plenty of inexpensive eateries where students can get a taste of the local cuisine.[7]

All in all, if you're an Ivy League student who needs some time away from the stress and expectations of college life, checking out one of these great weekend destinations is a great way to start planning a vacation. Taking some time off can help refresh your mind and give you the energy you need to perform for your education.

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